Friday, July 11, 2014

New Staff for the Studio

Meet Ms Amandine Follenfant. She is the first studio assistant to join me on my Paris journey.

Frankly, on this trip to Porte De Vanves flea market, there were not many contenders and Amandine was a clear winner. Her pierced ears and serene smile called for a kindred spirit.

Walking is not her strong suit, due to a hip replacement but she is dedicated to a daily Pilates routine and a diet that includes radishes and day dreams.

Amandine recently discovered her birth mother through a cache of letters secretly sent between her father, Monsieur Michel Delapierre, and her mother.

They corresponded throughout the war, even when he was stationed in Egypt, and each letter is filled with tender wishes for Amandine written in faded blue ink on faded blue paper.

Of course Amandine is naturally private, but over a Kir royal in her garden filled with ivy and butterflies, she was encouraged to reveal her past. This is the only picture of her mother, Beatrice. You can see the family resemblance in the eye brows.

Beatrice Follenfant was a librarian in the Archives. She spoke with spirits and was regarded with a mixture of awe and respect all her life. 

In one of the few photos Amandine has of her mother, she is surrounded by her less visible friends. This photo will be sitting in the studio when she arrives to take up her new position.

Thanks Collette Copeland, for this serenidipitous scrap of French: The name "Follenfant" translates to "crazy child". The name was on one of the vintage letters gathered from Vanves flea market. Love it when that happens.

P.S. I'm in Paris


  1. Enchanting story! Amandine is simply precious. Oh, to be able to visit a French flea market - only in my dreams! Cindy from

  2. I haven't enjoyed a blog post so much for a very long time! And what treasures :)

  3. What a splendid story - a whole novel in an instant.
    Loved it.
    Are you in Paris? Do you know Carol of Paris Breakfasts? She is a real world chum and Buster fan and gave us lots and lots of useful paintbrushes. I think you two would get on splendidly.

  4. I'm entirely captivated and enchanted by your new assistant and her story... xo

  5. If she ever needs somewhere to stay, if she is on a trip perhaps, she is more than welcome here at my humble abode..

  6. Love the story and the bear. I feel like knitting her a little pair of overalls.

  7. Amandine really is a find. Those pink ribbons in her ears are priceless. And to think that once upon a time, a long, long time ago, she was a child's "doudou" (I'm not sure of the English word, it's the plush toy, or the blanket, a child gets attached to.

  8. waving, denise...

    amandine looks like such a *good* friend.


  9. What a wonderful story, Amandine is perfect studio assistant material. I am sure she will bring a wealth of joy and happy stories to her future work.

  10. Wonderful! Hope your journey continues to reveal stories and serendipitous meetings:)

  11. Pulitzer prize for this blog post. A treasure through and through!

  12. .....the family resemblance in the eyebrows.....just love it!!

  13. 'She spoke with spirits...' That works! Maybe your bear will speak to spirits too, carry on the family tradition kind of thing.
    You found some fascinating finds in France. I always love those French letters of mail. The lace and fabric are lovely. I have a definite weakness for vintage things like that.

  14. Ohhh what a delightful post! Mon Dieu cherie, Amandine is adorable, and will surely prove to be the perfect studio assistant,.. but, please be gentle with her.

  15. Well, sweetiepie, I don't know if you're still in Paris, because I'm the sluggiest slug ever in blogland, but I will say that this story is so dancingly lovely. And isn't Vanves wonderful?

  16. Oh my gosh.....Amandine beams with love! What great treasures you found in her and in your laces and fabrics. Hope you are enjoying your trip!


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