Saturday, March 8, 2014

Soup from a Sausage

 It's pretty much how I feel about this kind of stitching - soup from a sausage-
 throwing random fragments into a pot to make something greater and tasty.

Stitching is journaling. I learned a lot about stitching through my first love, 
collage. Everything is narrative.
The cloth is the background, the stitches are the words. 

By allowing the needle to travel over a surface, it draws the eye.

Here, I'm doing a series to discover if it's the stitch or 
the textile that wants to speak, and when it does, how not to interrupt.

With texture so rich, adding stitch could quickly move into overkill,
so the thread has to be quiet in its role as witness.

Remember when you were getting dressed 
for a party and you had all your party bling on, and your mother say,
"Remove just ONE accessory"
and you did, and the outfit suddenly came together?

I'm looking to find that one bit.

Other times it's all about the composition, so the thread
is demoted to device, like glue serves the spine of a book.

It's not finished unless it has text - and this fragment from a German
religious book says, "Alone with your God, it shines".
The stitches are barely there, like a whisper in Church.

I dream about allowing stitch to take centre stage like Junko Oki and
Christine Mauersberger.
After a few pieces to warm up, this one is getting close. No text. Just thread words.

Which is all that's really needed.
That and a sense of connection.

It has been a good day.


  1. These are fabulous -- and so inspiring. I wanna just grab some cool fragments and stitch 'em together!!

  2. words are the threads that keeps the world together!

  3. Beautiful alchemy and beautiful writing.
    Your blog is inspirational x

  4. I just loved reading about the process involved and looking at the gorgeous pics of your stitching. Couldn't resist pinning a pic

  5. these are so beautiful !!! thanks for pinning them Linda so I could discover this wonderful blog !!

    1. No worries!! We love our Pinterest :)

  6. the last quote reminds me of knitting....!

  7. what a lovely post about process and listening to the cloth

  8. Loved this post D!
    Also, liking very much, 'soup from a sausage' phrase. I will try to drop that into conversation as much as possible from now on... x

  9. You've inspired me to start repairing my queen-sized quilt, stitch by therapeutic stitch.

  10. These pieces are so expressive and you tell of the process so beautifully. Don't you love Louise Bourgeois? xo

  11. Wonderful pieces. Thank you for taking us through the process.
    I've been reading through your blog - it's fascinating how your art and work has evolved.
    Come to Melbourne and lead a workshop so we can all speak through stitch.

  12. What incredible little collages, Denise. I love them!


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