Saturday, February 22, 2014

Are you stalking me yet?

Thrilled with the latest turmeric dye results, I had to begin stitching. The fabric
was light blue, so this brilliant lime green is the result.

These days I have to keep the specs and the iPhone handy, both get lost for days
under piles of fabric otherwise.
The other iPhone pouch is softer, and more primitive.

I used this vintage dog stamp from Cavallini. Love how his little tail wags!

So if you signed up on the stalker list, you'd have seen all these new makes by now,
because not only to stalkers get first peek new makes, they also get 20% off.

Three little softies came back from a store that wanted to sell them, but....
Now they have huge inferiority complexes, and no matter how much
I bang on about being unique as snowflakes they make cats-bum faces at me.

Thank goodness this one is called Patience, because she has had to have a lot.

Little Pats has been patting her hand gently.

and "Oh! you pretty thing" just knows she is special.

A small bag of Splendid to keep an iPhone or treasures safe in. They hang round your neck like a medicine pouch.

See them all here.
Stalk me here
Over and out.

UPDATE:  All three pouches have now been sold, thank you to my new stalkers!


  1. Cats-bum faces .... lol .... you're a hoot Grrl! They are certainly whimsically wonderful and oughtn't to have complexes. I'm also impressed with the glorious turmeric dyed fabric especially alongside the turquoise.

  2. Bah humbug you lime green bag you - you should have been mine, mine I say..... x

  3. I love all your work, Denise! It looks good in your Etsy shop, and I see you've had an impressive number of sales. Good for you!

  4. Yes, just when I thought I was stalking you on all fronts…I find a new one!

  5. Very happy to be stalking you!!

  6. Stalkers of the world unite!
    Love the waggy dog!


  7. Crikey ...You have been very busy D.

  8. And how did I miss the stalker sign-up? The turmeric dye made a glorious color. xo


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