Sunday, January 26, 2014

Some slow stitch and dyeing

This is Bruce on Christmas Day helping read my present. His present is on the left. 
Bountiful chops rest on India Flint's Eco Dyeing book.

It conjures up days plundering the spice cupboard to brew in the dutch oven outside, stirring, stirring, then abandoning it all for Kimba the White Lion at 4'o'clock on channel 2.

A dog walk can yield treasure. A Davidson plum, whose fruit grows directly on the trunk, had many dark offerings on the ground. Much too sour to eat, even for Bruce.

Pitted aluminium pots serve as my cauldron now, this brew had a brass hotel key in for travel wishes, and the skin of a red onion to ward off tears.

A ghastly blue cloth became soft green with a key. I love that the word "mordant" comes from the word, "to bite", because brass as a mordant sure does bite into the cloth.

Pomegranates are so sweet right now, their pods are full of fruit, so in the skins went to one more brew. Three black beans may bring a giant bean stalk.

The blue was  another happy accident - pre washing some fabrics ready for the vat. When the world gives you ghastly blue - run with it. Some slow stitching in peaceful hot days.

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  1. and to think i'm making a flower
    dreaming of spring

  2. Lovely, all. Bruce looks like a sweet guy! xo

  3. Nothing like a good dawg walk to send one
    onto another trail altogether.

    If that was my woofie, there'd be fresh slobber on that cover ;>]]

  4. it is always good to have a Bruce in charge

  5. just lovely! You make me want to rush oout and dye something and your be still my beating heart! x

  6. If ever there was a face to love that doggie is it.
    Yummy colours you've come up with. They shall make interesting projects...

  7. I'm having a bit of a love affair w/India Flint and colour and fabric too. time of year? time of life?

  8. Gorgeous dog pic. Hey Bruce.
    Here's a blog you might like for the dying -
    I have India's book for drooling over only.

  9. hello bruce, you are rather lovely :)
    i have had that book on my amazon wishlist for a long time - is it really good?
    in the past i have just winged it with dyeing using only vinegar or lemon juice as the mordent which has led to very mixed results - wonder if the book will rein in my happy go lucky ways and produce better results?
    t x

    1. Hi Tracy, I found it did both - demystified enough to make me feel freer to experiment.

  10. Love your Bruce and your dyed cloth. The colours are amazing.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I love the puppy face! And I really love the stitchery, very inspiring!

  13. Bruce unwrapped his gift quite neatly. A lift-each-piece-of-tape fellow, is he? I love the foreshadowing of stories, fairy tales, in the language of dying, the onion skin, the key, the black beans. So much more than just cloth here, isn't there? I used to us Rit dyes in the washbowl - even that produced pleasing results, though not the same at all. Still. It sounds like a magical book. xo

  14. lovely. I'm going to try it in the jars - looks perfect for small offcuts

  15. Hi Denise...just wondering....your "ghastly blue cloth" turned green when you popped it in with a brass key ....did you add anything else to the dye pot. A friend and I are having a "get green" challenge ....I'm sharing my resources with her as we want to see what we get doing the pretty much the same thing with different base cloths, water etc. I agree about India Flint's book...a great resource to free you to experiment. I found I had better results after I read it, rather than look at the pics ...ha!


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