Sunday, December 22, 2013

Quinoa - can you pronounce it?

ode to custard

A word that conjures childhood joy.

Hot custard licked from the back of a wooden spoon, cooling custard drips slurped
from whatever else was left. Custard slice made with Arnotts Sao biscuits. You had
to eat the whole tray before the bottoms turned to sludge.

passionfruit custard slice

Later on it was brandy custard - any pudding would do. Christmas meant hogging
the custard jug, seriously considering a straw.

Nostalgia custard is made from a box in the pantry, save the fancy eggy stuff for
the posh people who can pronounce it.

I discovered the difference one Christmas, inviting a neighbour-chef for lunch,
who brought a jug of something for the pudding.

"Great," I said. "I'll add it to mine," pouring his 12 yolk and cream wonder into a
cauldron of Foster Clark's packet mix.

That was then.
Back in the day when food was anything in a packet. In an immortal youth
where everything snacked/sipped/snorted/ transformed to bird song and the
glow of collagen over night.

Good-bye custard, hello quinoa.

5 ways to use quinoa

Those little chocolate covered, malty sticks turned out not to be super foods. Who
knew a wheat/dairy/red meat free diet would not only be fun, but I feel better.
I even ate vegan cheese. They nailed the smelly sock aroma and the texture,
but just don't imagine it's cheese.

Move over custard, we're breaking up.

The Queen of Quinoa says this is "ice cream sundae" is dairy free and gluten free,
and the pistachio and cranberry cake will take pride on the table while the
Foster Clark packet of fake yellow powder sulks in the cupboard.

So while I venture bravely into the land of wheat and dairy free life, stocking my pantry with packets of weird white stuff, it's still a mystery to pronounce.
Quinoa. Keen-wah?
Custard is much easier.


  1. my doctor just last week told me to try a gluten/dairy free diet, she assured me i will feel much better.
    i am still trying to work out what i can & can't eat.......your post has been very encouraging, thank you.

    i have only tried a vegetarian "quinoa" dish at a restaurant......delicious!
    hope i can replicate something half as good.

  2. My 5 year old loves quinoa with tuna - though I used to pronounce it literally!

  3. I didn't realise that you were wheat and dairy free. I am wheat and gluten free and although its sometimes a nuisance its worth it, I am no longer depressed and tired all the time. Occasionally I slip and don't I know it.
    Willl have to give these two recipes a try.
    Have a lovely Christmas

  4. Never been too sure how to pronounce quinoa! Tho' my Dad used to laugh at how his small Liverpudlian child used to say "custud"! You can keep tarty-farty-made-with-real-eggs custard(it's not yellow enough for a start!)- you can't beat the packet variety. Glad the wheat and dairy free diet is making you feel better. x

  5. So, does dairy-free mean no eggs, for you? It varies, you know. Lacto-free, ovo-free, or both? Anyhoo, if you are eating eggs, I'd be glad to send you my simple recipe for custard, using organic soy milk. Otherwise, no worries, and I'm glad you're feeling better! Have a lovely holiday week! xo

  6. QUI- noah- emphasis on the first syllable. I never liked custard. I grew up on a mediterranean diet. I ate plain yogurt, don't remember drinking milk (I still don't - it makes me gag), but I still eat plain yogurt,with my own additions like a little honey.

  7. I was told it was pronounced Keen Wah but... bought some for the first time a couple of months ago for a recipe that called for it, have to say it looked nothing like the recipe photo when it was cooked, but I don't think I had the same make as suggested, in fact it looked so awful we ended up throwing most of it away. Those little custard slices look fantastic. x

  8. my mum used to make those custard slices, a lifetime ago.

    looking forward to your blog in the new year, always so entertaining!

    merry christmas!!

  9. Good move. I love me some Quinoa!

  10. Keeeeeeen-wah dahlink!
    I rather like it and it's SO good for us! Am also venturing into Freekeh (sp?) land. These ancient grains are good.
    I just picked up a huge quinoa, coriander and2 coconut salad from Costco of all places. They also had a pumpkin and couscous salad. I just need to eat a bucket of it in the next 2 days... It's a bargain, really!

    May your 2014 be a good one in every way.


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