Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My year in interpretive dance

Yes I could dance it. Lots of finger gestures and floor rolling would cover it. 2013 has been crap, a tacky mix of thread and dog treats washed down with prosecco. Some of the less sucky bits were:

Making a  pavlova on a 45 degree day, when most sane people are passed out under the air conditioner.

You had to eat it all fast, slathered in whipped cream before the humidity gooped it all into sludge. Prosecco helped.

Also not sucking was a public program with Hazlehurst Art Gallery. I love working with these guys.  The gallery was filled with bunting hanging from every conceivable point.

Then I fell into an artistic abyss and I nearly chewed off an arm. My market stall was never going to compete with the baby bibs and ghastly felted hats that had become the "artisans market".

I hid the 100 year old french linen sheets used to drape my stall under the stairs in case some mom-trepeneur, fresh from graphic design school wanted to screen print a geometric design and cut them into toddler wear.

Thoughts turned darkly inward, creating journal style bunting.

Then Bruce put a doggy in his mouth. Not the whole dog, just the head. Though nobody was hurt, we learned new things about Bruce's ability to socialise. I discovered a doggy shrink costs three times more than a person shrink, and expert guidance from these guys had us squealing with joy every time Bruce made eye contact.

The trainers sent Bruce a Christmas card from their island get away that we probably paid for. The story was stitched here.

In April, the editor of Mingle magazine spotted a blog post about the wonderful time I had at Les Seours Anglaise. It got published. OK, that didn't suck too much.

The bunting continued.

Winter was spent stitching small hand pieces of bunting.

But I was feeling more like this:

Journaling like this:

So Bruce suggested this at a third of the price:

when Bruce went to the shrink

I found my mojo in an old handbag along with some flea market finds from Paris.

Spoke my mind about a few things, like bitchy gossip that travels half way round the world.

And that felt good, so I let fly about a few other things that were just too heavy to carry round any more. Like what happened after I read my dad's will.

It's filed under "my dad is a dick."in case you want to read.

Dad did make an excellent Voodoo assemblage, though.
Not long after, I discovered the real reason he wrote us all from his will, but, like they say, the truth is stranger than fiction, and if I told you, your head would explode.

Better to skip along, and express yourself in stitch.

That was the year in interpretive hand gestures. We've made it through and I salute you for hanging in there. Here's to a less sucky 2014, and thank you for coming along for the ride.


  1. merci pour tes publications...bonne et heureuse année 14!

  2. happy new year, hope it's less sucky!!

  3. Thank you! Finding and reading your blog has been one of my highlights. Here's to grrl + dog!

  4. It's been tough but it's nearly over - sticking around for 2014! X

  5. 2013 seems to have been crappy for a number of us - mine seemed to be spent going around in increasingly muddled circles.

    2014 will be fab! Especially now I've found your blog - Happy New Year!

  6. You've had a full year, Grrl! 2014 is definitely the year for less suckyness. All the best to the three of you!

  7. I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the things you've created this year. I hope you have a happier and even more creative journey in 2014! x

  8. Yes, here's to a less sucky 2014 xx

  9. I've found your blog this year inspirational and heart warming- in the midst of all the suckyness you have created a something beautiful and that takes some doing. You've made me realise that I am an introvert and as such I shouldn't feel bad for not wanting to do things that make others tick. I'm in the midst of some wider family stuff at the moment- families are weird and everyone sees things thro their own eyes! I'm going to try to tread lightly, not let it sink me and do lots of expressive hand gestures on my way back home!!!! Here's to a better 2014 xxx

  10. and what a year it has been.
    you lady are marvellous. remember that.
    what delights will 2014 throw at us eh?
    t x

  11. Hello. Hope to connect with you now and then throughout this new year. Hugs Karen

  12. The Dad thing still has me in it's clutches...Can't fathom the ill will of a father for his children...unless, of course, his children were not his...is that the head explosion untold tale? I so love your work, makes me happy!

  13. You overcame the suckiness extremely well, however. My merit badge arrived yesterday. I will stitch it in readiness for those inevitable sucky moments in the future. xoxo

  14. I need a head explosion - I need to know things.
    So sorry the Bruce shrink costs a million billion dollars.
    Here's to a much improved and wonderful 2014.
    Virtual hugs from afar
    and when are you coming to New York?

  15. Wishing you a ruddy fantastic New Year me dear!
    I have decided that I'm going to have one, so I think it's only fair that you should jolly well have one as well chuck!
    Bring it on 2014, bring it on!

  16. PS: can I also just add that your post about the 'bitchiness business' was the best post, in fact best piece of writing that I read the whole entire year.

  17. wishing you a new and improved 2014! thanks for sharing your suckiness....it helps to know we are not alone when things are less than rosy or when they suck. we've paid for our vets home and then some... yet well worth it for the fuzz therapy.

  18. You have already left Suckville in the rearview mirror - with the telling and the sewing, the hand gestures, the small joys. Life works hard at hammering us into a useful shape, one from which we can bring and share what we've been given. You've been good at that for a long time. Just keep on with whatever speaks to you the loudest. You are a treasure. xo

  19. Thanks for your lovely comment, I have chickens too - thought I'd let you know ;) x

  20. Here's to less suck in 2014! Hope it's a good one! xo

  21. I really love your blog ... I love your posts & how you simply "say it like it is". Firstly I came across you mainly as I too, share an immense love of dogs :-)
    Then I just got addicted to your style of things & how you just speak your mind & get it all out there. And we read your posts & are all nodding our heads out here in blogland saying out loud (to no-one in particular) "yes that is Exactly how it is grrl" So keep it up PLEASE & hope 2014 brings you only good (& creative) things. x0x Julie

  22. My seat on the 2014 Grrl & Dog CrazyTrain is booked - now looking forward to the ride! x

    1. "The grrl+dog crazy train"??? love it. thank you.

  23. Thank you for all your honesty, you are an inspiration! Happy "Less Sucky" New Year!

  24. Ditto to the less sucky new year. You make my brain itch, however, wondering about the "real" reason your dad wrote to you in his will. Sounds like a major plot for a novel. Think about it as you stitch, OK? Love - Jeanne

  25. Oh me oh my, have just seen that you've found Tracy's blog Olive and Harry through my little blog - feel flattered enough that you comment on my own humble efforts! X

  26. Hmmm bunting away the sucky bits. It could work.
    Take care.

  27. I'm glad to be back on your ride for 2014.
    Which sounds pervy, but isn't.

  28. Found your blog just when all the interesting 'dad' things were going on, then lost you, (don't ask, this computer has a life of it's own) and my brain eventually made the connection between your shop which I keep an eye on, and your blog! and now here's a fantastic post that sums up 2013 for a lot of us, wishing you a much happier settled 2014. What beautiful bunting, they're real works of art. Take care xx


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