Saturday, November 16, 2013

In Which I Learn a New Word

For a split second I entertained the possibility of a Silent Saturday post,
but you know, it was only for a split second. The truth is I have nothing to say.
On to new makes.

I love it when stuff does what it says on the pack, like coco pops. They really do
taste like a chocolate milkshake only crunchy.
Lesley Riley's Transfer Artist Paper is a crafter's coco pop.

Fancy free fripperies of a nifty kind have been made with TAP, some stuffing
and a handful of old kids' beads. Hang them from a pin in the wall like here,
or even on the tree.

Four of them are in the shop now.

oh: Happy to say the marrow has been well and truly sucked out of the entire Dad issue. Thank you for the juicy comments, and the broadening of my vocabulary. Currently loving, "douchecanoe".
Use it in a sentence.

UPDATE: Both skipping girls got snapped up within 24 hours of this post, but fear not. Making some as we speak, so if you do want to bag one, either shoot me a message or hold your breath for a real long time, like three hours till I finish the ones on the table.
That - or sign up and stalk me, so you get the first dibs on stuff coming up and 20% off. Whaddadeal.


  1. Ooooh these are so much fun and really make me smile :) You don't have to say much just by showing these lovely photos you are communicating your wonderful personality. Have a lovely weekend. ManonX

  2. 'I pushed my douchecanoe up shit creek and laughed as I watched him sail away with no paddles' and as for the making...TRULY FABULOUS xxxxxx

  3. Douchecanoe -- love that! Glad you're feeling better about that shit. Love those fun kid things -- what are you calling them? Have a great weekend. xo

  4. TAP is the only transfer paper I use now. It's the best.
    Your fripperies are... well, I wish I had made them! xxx

  5. Such a great idea for all those old family shots we all have hiding somewhere! Clever chook! :)

  6. And I'm just thinking mmmm coco pops. We gave my mother coco pops and Bollinger bubbles for breakfast on her fiftieth birthday. Just like a chocolate milkshake only crunchy. In retrospect it may not have been my best ever flavour pairing...but it got a giggle.

  7. the trouble is that I loves my canoes. and I hates douches and everything they imply about another thingy that I loves. so for me it will have to be douche-atv as I hates ATVs. Now for the sentence. You! Asswipe! Get on your douche-ATV and deeply fuck off! How's that?

  8. Love your fripperies Denise, your skipping girls are wonderful......such fun
    Might have to get me some TAP and have a little play.

    CLaire x

  9. Douchecanoe (doosh-ka-noo)
    1. One who's Douchebaggery exceeds acceptable limits.
    2. More than just a douchebag/douchenozzle
    douche·ca·noe, douche·ca·noe·ing, douche·ca·noes
    e.g. "Christ you're an obnoxious douchecanoe"

    1. Luke,
      I knew YOU would be all over that. Thanks for the definition, it's less insulting than a fucktard, but more serious than a regular dick. See also Twatwaffle.

  10. Love both the skipping children -and the cool vocab !

  11. Love the shape your blog has taken Denise. I still treasure my guardian angel.
    This quote came to mind while perusing your blog...
    “To change skins, and evolve into new cycles, I feel one has to learn to discard. If one changes internally, one should not continue to live with the same objects. They reflect one’s mind and the psyche of yesterday. I throw away what has no dynamic, living use.” Anais Nin
    best wishes.. love and hugs for being brave and beautiful too


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