Saturday, October 12, 2013

Are you a Magician or a Monarch?

Isn't it fun being validated for who you are? It was great to discover that being an introvert is not only OK, it's where I flourish. Not only that, yesterday I became an explorer, too.
And a magician.
And a creator, but I knew that already.

Not exactly a rugged over-the-mountains type of explorer, 
because I'd break a heel. 
More like a boldly -going- to- inner- realms, chatting with unicorns and bringing 
back subjective treasure, type of explorer.

Mark Twain said, "The two most important days of your life are when you are 
born and when you find out why." Having accomplished the first, I'm about to 
embark on the second.

Assisting Bruce the agoraphobic fur child to be the best dog he can is hugely 
rewarding, but dog-whispering isn't the reason I was born.

Neither is keeping every junk seller in a 10 k radius in rent and slippers every year. 
It isn't even getting the prize for the tallest pile of vintage fabric, in which case my 
life's probably over.


This weeks epiphany is care of Carl Jung and Melissa Bolton, who developed 
the most beautiful collection of images to help you understand yourself through 
archetypes. And it's on Pinterest.

She says, "Archetypes are a summation of you. They are your story. They’re rooted 
in the belief that you were blessed with a dazzling array of gifts before you were 
even born. Some never discover them. Some don’t know how to use them efficiently. 
Some don’t use them at all." 
Imagine going through life never discovering what you can be. What a waste. 
It's another tool to connect with inner strengths and weaknesses and to use 
them to advantage. Once you know, you can get on with the business of being 
even fabulouser.

Ever since the age of 11, when I got my first deck of Tarot cards and a Gary 
Glitter album, I've wanted to know what makes people the unique fluffy snowflakes 
they are. As well as being an explorer, I'm also a rat in the Chinese zodiac, 
which means I'll steal just about anything if it serves.

Discovering your archetype is not even steal-able, its free. 

It's another step toward loving the skin you're in and I love it already. In a place 
where every woman and their dog is either an entrepreneur or a personal 
marketer or life coach or something they're slinging, Melissa's quiet voice connected. 

So knowing my archetype is one step toward the reason I was born; to be an 
explorer and chat to unicorns and write about it here. The magician part is the 
transformation of a life that started out a very different way. They say the 
difference between a mad man and a Shaman is the Shaman can return 
from other worlds to bring back the magic beans. 

The mad ones have trouble finding an exit.
Do the Archetypal branding thingy.

I'm pretty sure magicians drink hot chocolate and pin stuff on Pinterest too. 
What Archetype are you, and more interestingly, how does the fit feel?

P.S.  Melissa's Pinterest boards will have you nodding and smiling and 
give you RSI of the pin finger.

P.P.S. Images are either mine, or pinched, rat -like from Melissa Bolton


  1. ooo sounds fabulous! going to follow all links now! I think you may be slightly crazy ( in a fabulously good way you understand xxx) as well....did it say that? xxxx

  2. You played Gary Glitter as a kid as well?? I think you & me must've been separated at birth or something!!!

  3. Okay so I did the test and I'm a Magician, Explorer and Creator too. LOVE the Pinterest boards....gosh, spot on with me. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. WHAT?? Then we must drink hot chocolate together, soon!

  4. This was fun! I'm a Nurturer, Creator and Magician. I'll become an explorer by checking out the Pinterest boards - thanks for sharing this.

  5. Am just about to try the archetye thingy.

    Loved embroidered Bruce!


  6. What a brilliant thing! Thanks for sharing it. I am a creator, a nurturer and a girl next door! I now want everyone I know to do this. Off to look at the pinterest boards.

  7. So much fun thankyou for sharing - am loving your regular posts lately and am thrilled to know that I'm a Maverick Creator with Innocent Girl Next Door tendencies [had 3 numbers the same] ....and armed with this knowledge and the fact that I've always been an Inrtrovert [thanks for that revelation too] I shall keep doing what I'm doing only a little louder.

    1. Miss Pearl,
      That warm my heart - how much fun is it?

  8. I totally love your synopsis! You would enjoy being on 'the trodden path' ning site. It is free to join, and some of the gals have just been randomly discussing being an Introvert, seriously! Maybe us artist types tend to be more that inclined. As a child, I was so shy, even if someone looked at me I would turn scarlet! I would blush profusely when adults were trying to figure out who had been the culprit to do something naughty! Invariably, I was NOT the naughty one, nor the guilty one, but my fidgeting, and knowing I would be accused, I would freak out! Does that ring a bell? I would rather spend hours in my room reading a good book, then associate with my older brother's friends. I did change after I became a teenager, OR if I really DID like one of his friends, I made a nusiance of myself following them around. And they would say "Girls! Who needs THEM!' Funny how that works.
    I will enjoy viewing the Pinterest pins by Carl Jung (what innocent art work!) and Melissa Bolton AND I and intrigued about which Archetypal branding I am. It never hurts to find out! Life is an amazing journey, and it doesn't matter how old a person is, there is always something new to find out in Life, the doors to portals are always open to the seeker. Thank you for being a door opener. You brighten my day!!!

  9. I like the endorsement of "keep doing what I'm doing, only a little louder." Or maybe louder than that. Self-discovery seems to be part of our life's work. So happy to walk these paths with you, Denise. xo

  10. HI, Denise
    I find it very nice that we two (you and me) both joined the Cloth and Clay ning site in 2008. Okay...the link to 'the trodden path' is on my left side bar, on my blog, a bit of the way down. Just click on the photo of the dolls. It should take you directly to the main page of 'the trodden path. If you haven't had any emails from Jane (Des Rosier) Spakowsky about rejoining the Cloth and Clay group on the new site, let her know you were a former Cloth and Clay doll member on the original ning site and she will reinstate you into the Cloth and Clay Doll Video Workshop (which is what it is called now) on 'the trodden path' at no charge to you. Send her a couple of messages to her page or to her email. Some of the previous members were having a little trouble bypassing Pay Pal, when they were trying to access the Cloth and Clay doll group but Jane told them to ignore it. She was a bit under the weather this past week, so it may take her a bit to respond to a message from you. Hope this works for you! I am also taking a Santos Cage Doll Video workshop on another different ning site hosted by Jennifer Oliver's ning site. Free to sign up for the site as a member, but the Santos Cage Doll workshop was discounted to $10 for a while. I don't know what the fee is now, but it is a great workshop for the vintage style Santos dolls. And I adore your new banner here on you blog with the sweet paper mache dog or cat? I love the fabric ear covers.
    take care!
    Teresa in California
    If you join 'the trodden path' I will keep an eye out for your name. My last name is Swanson.

  11. Well that was fun and just a little bit challenging! Turns out I am an Innocent, a Creator and a Nurturer. I am not surprised really but I do wish I could be more of a Maverick ...

  12. Sorry, my comments tend to be so long...I should be emailing you instead!
    I did take the Archetype Branding 'test'...and I tied for two first branding with Passionate/Creator, and the next two tied on the second branding as Innocent/Explorer. So I was quite intrigued. Thank you for sharing this very fascinating information from Melissa Bolton...she is a genius!

  13. I have known for sometime now that I am an introvert... I have read the book QUIET which is about empowering introverted people as the more creative ones. I have never heard of Archetype branding and have been to all your links... I am intrigued and will try to take the test.


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