Friday, September 13, 2013

Junko Oki

I love packages in the mail. Look what just arrived:

 My very own copy of Junk Oki's new book.

 She said on her Facebook page if you message
 her with postal details she will send you the paypal invoice.
 Mine came so fast!

It's a cute size, just larger than pocket size, with no words.

The best part is she shows the front AND the back 
of each funky stitched piece. The back tells you just
 as much as the front, and it's just like being there, 
to peek under a piece to salvage it's secrets.

The images are a tad dull, however, 
they left me wishing to climb in for more contrast,
 but still delicious.

Plenty more here.


  1. I need to learn some Japanese to read more about this on that there lovely blog....Daisy J x

  2. I'm completely unfamiliar with her... but I won't be for long!


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