Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Grrl+dog studio tour

When you haven't been able to set foot in your studio for three months, the next best thing is to tidy up. Then take pictures and chimp them on every social media platform there is.

I am chimping and pimping. This is a sneaky sideways way of sliding in to the studio without officially being there.
I have to do it when I'm not looking, otherwise I can't go in.

One of the ways adults "play" with their toys is to sort, tidy and clean them,
Rubbish! I had had a nice tea party with these two. We ate butterfly cakes with real butterflies, and fairy bread with....yep.

And this lady had to be kept under glass. Dorothy Mort was arrested in Sydney for murder. She was let out on bail and never seen again.

Now Dorothy has no legs. We have nice chats, where she tells me about her old boyfriends, the ones she didn't murder.

There are the bones of a ring tail possum in the jar there, alongside a silver napkin ring with my mothers initials on it. It survived the war because my grandfather buried it, like so many other Germans defending their homes and their daughters against the Russians.

Fallen bird nests and ring tail possum bones.
Treasure shells from a week by the sea with the Bruce and the gorgeous man.

A photo of my dad with his dog, Monty, as a boy and yellowing sticky tape of the notes my grandmother wrote on the back of everything before she completely lost her marbles to dementia.

Committing to therapy once a week is providing rich soil for things to sprout. I turn over long abandoned memories into nourishment for a future.

Let the worms do their work. My gaze is not so fixed behind, but steadying focus on the now and perhaps what kind of tangy beverage can be created from all these lemons.


  1. Welcome back to your studio... Whenever you are ready.

  2. When in doubt tidy.....always been my mantra!

  3. Shhhhhhhhhhh I won't tell!!....thinking of you and sending happy thoughts too...bestest daisy x

  4. You have a wealth of memories and stories in your studio- have fun pottering and see where it takes you. xx

  5. Your studio looks like just the best place to be......imagine away! :) x

  6. I have things in jars too, and Dorothy Mort a character indeed, I am currently reading about the witches of Warboys,,,I used to live there, a small village in Cambridgeshire. They were all hung in the end, I should write a post..... love snippets of history that get lost with time....You mend soon,,, be kind to yourself x

  7. What a perfect name:Dorothy Mort.......you couldn't get away with it in fiction!
    Yes, tidying up is a good way to get the creative juices flowing.....except mine don't really any more.

    I read all your fascinating other blog pages some weeks ago.
    So much to discover and delve into.

    Buster and I send lots of love.

  8. Oh that is the BEST studio EVER! I want to live in a jar on your shelf!

  9. Memories can be a minefield - I like the way you are containing yours - literally in such lovely jars

  10. What a lovely place to visit....much to see and play with. Hugs

  11. I love all the small dolls and such... such a wonderful studio of odd and end objects to feast upon and get inspired.

  12. Is Dorothy sportin' some killer dreads under the head gear, or what? Time to give my room a tidy!

  13. Is Dorothy sportin' some killer dreads under that head gear, or what? Now, it's time to give my studio a tidy!


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