Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Still Standing

As I post this, an Elton John song runs through my head... 
"I'm still standing, yeah yeah yeah!!" 
I may win the prize for "life most examined" at the moment, 
but, like Elton I still stand. So does my AA altered journal.

 I have poured so much into this, and feel I could loosen up even more, 
but it's been fun. The studio still has a coat of dust on everything, 
showing as the days grow longer 
and the angle of the sun shines into the room,
 inviting me back in.

 Sometimes it was tough...


 New shoots are coming. My street is in full cherry blossom.


 I read all the comments this morning. 
I've only met a small handful in person,
 but you need to know that persevering with the silly verification codes
 that swing that shatters the lovey alpha rhythm right brain blog browsing
 state into hard number crunching left brain mode is truly worth it to those that write.


 Thank you for sticking by, for popping in, and just witnessing.
For saying, "I see you." " I get you".

I'm on the way back.


  1. Hi grrl - glad you're still standing - really glad you're on the way back. I actually love that Elton John song ... now I have it going round in my head :-)

  2. Keep on, keeping on and before you notice, you've arrived.

  3. You've made my day. Loved seeing your journal. Happy you are on the way back. xox

  4. I'm glad you're still here. Even on the other side of the world!

  5. It's always good to hear from you- glad you are still standing!

  6. Your recent mental journey seems grueling, revealing and overwhelming.
    Still standing is a good place to be in.
    Am about to send you an email...

  7. Hey grrl
    I see and
    I get
    The truth of
    the beauty, too

  8. Feel like one of the elated friends waiting with big cups of Gatorade at the marathon finish line. Of course all of this is process, on going, ever evolving you. Huge work, unraveling, peeling back and brave sharing. My own recent endeavors told me to find you when you got back here. I thought of your journey every time I saw you on FB and knew you were still standing and more. Funny what touch, leathery old buzzards we can be at the same time we are delicate as your emerging cherry blossoms. Yes, they lied to us and we're still here. Much love. xo

  9. I'm still here too, checking in on you. Glad to see you here. One step at a time.

  10. I see one grand, neat & cool grrl "still standing" proud & tall ~ ready to take small steps in a direction that will make her happy... you go grrl that's what ones' life journey is all about... we're here.. take your time, we're not going anywhere ~ ;O) xox

  11. Love what you write, who you are, what you feel.

  12. You will come out strong in this, grrl...
    You are a survivor, and survivors come out strong...
    All things will fall into place...
    Be who you are, as I can tell that is what you are aiming for...
    Truth is the strongest survivor...
    Embrace the truth...
    Truth = Survivor

  13. 'Neese:

    This sounds good. Glad things are going well. I was a bit worried about you.

    XOXOXO Treen

  14. Thanks for sharing.
    It means an awful lot you know x

  15. Strong and powerful pages...just like you!

  16. i'ved loved seeing your evolution - how you've made your life into art; how all the things that have hurt you have been reclaimed and repurposed to your specifications and to your control and in the process, becoming something beautiful, even when uneasy and challenging. i remain a big fan of your work, m'dear.. amos xxx

    1. mwahhhhhhhhh - AMOS! I had no idea you lurked about my blog... big loves to you, too.

    2. i've always enjoyed your writing - in previous (ahem) blogs why wouldn't I lurk wherever you continue to create? x


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