Thursday, July 4, 2013

a side track to journal land

As I allow my creative fields
 to lie fallow and regenerate, 
it's is invariably journaling that I orbit back to.

Do you notice your work taking a circular journey?
 Do you revisit old art technique friends 
in your own practice? For me it's a way to stay
 in a holding pattern till the energies feel right again.
I seem to be waiting for the first spring shoot 
to poke it's head above a frosty ground.

 While my creative earth is regenerated 
and I wait for the new season,
An old copy of Alcoholics Anonymous 
fell onto the table, begging to be reworked.

Reworking an old book into a journal may seem like a lot of work, 
but less dating than facing a white blank page right now.
These pages are to re learn how to let go,
release onto paper the things inside and to be
 less concerned with outcome.


I'm showing you some
and there will be more.
A delight to just play.

I've always drawn from imagination.
Little creatures inhabit some pages.

Thanks for hanging in with me, I do appreciate every single click
 you give my blog. A am working on a very new project that is not art related.
 It will be it's own blog over at wordpress, and for now it's taking every single
 joyous minute of every single joyous day.

I know, I'm teasing you.
Hope you enjoy the journals.


  1. Love this, this is awesome...

  2. Fabulous! I'd love to do some journalling....maybe one day.....

  3. Cool!! I'm doing some journalling at the moment with a made book. (as in I made the book first and now I'm sploshing paint in it!) I do circles.... lots of them in fact. A bit like binge-ing in a way.... binge on lino printing and then binge on painting and then binge on bookmaking and then eventually back to lino printing and start all over again!! No self destruction, no guilt, no shame and very productive. Love it!!!

  4. stop it, stop it....I am too impatient to wait! Oh the suspense ....what is the new project tell me NOW!!

    D x

  5. gorgeous and much needed inspiration! I love the last blue, red and white page alot...

  6. The Big Book would make a great journal base. Now I need a second copy. Not sure I'd seen your journal work before and I'm glad you shared. As I have been called in an outdoor voice to fiction, episodic, with characters I now love and dream about, art seems to have taken a time-out. Whatever is next lets us know. Our job is to show up. Wishing you well and anticipating the unveiling. xo

  7. Read this quote today... "How to be creative... Give up the pursuit of certainty"

    Your journalling is absolutely beautiful... this is something I have never really done, apart from ongoing visual diaries, where I doodle/draw and document ideas.
    I guess my creative journals are paintings and photographs... but I do love paper... just haven't created the time for it.
    Your journals are certainly inspiring!

  8. Stunning header Grrl! Will you do one for me?

    Exciting reading that you are up to something and always a delight to read your words and see the world through your lens.

    My lack of blogosphering is leaving a GAPING big hole in my little life but sometimes as you say one needs to be present for one's projects and we have to be true to that.

    Made my day popping in here!

  9. I do love looking at other peoples journals, D, and find yours very appealing and totally YOURS. Good luck with the new project and I look forward to seeing where you go next.

  10. Damn! You ARE teasing. Since it's making your days joyous I'm itching to know what you're up to. Loving your journal pages.

  11. Your "holding pattern" is but a dream for many wannabe creatives..... :)

  12. Joy is a great state to be in x
    Creativity never leaves.. just reshapes.. it's a lifetime journey and your travel it well.
    Best wishes for all you are doing

  13. I would love to flip through this one in person - page by page!

  14. "..... As I allow my creative fields
    to lie fallow and regenerate...."
    what a beautiful choice of words......
    a new project?....such is the stuff of a fulfilling life *taps toe and waits....patiently...*

  15. It's funny that I just started working on dolls again --literally this week-- and decided to (try to!) jump back into the blogoland as well, only to see your query about whether our art is cyclical, whether we return to those things that are known to us.

  16. What an interesting journal you have!I'm glad I clicked on a link to find you! :^) patsy

  17. Yes, I do enjoy the journals!
    I am always entranced by pale colors and delicacy. I aim for it sometimes in my own work, as a way of growing personally. But if you have seen my Flickr posts lately my entire sketchbook is big bold colors and big lines. No delicacy! So it's a treat when I see your plushies and your journal pages.
    Glad to finally be catching up.


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