Thursday, March 21, 2013

Downloadable Nursury Rhyme Tags

It's freebie time! If you love vintage nursery rhymes
as much as me, and love to make stuff, here are some
ready made tag sized chunks of clip art love.
 A recent op shop trawl culminated in a beautiful book from 1948
 filled with full color images. It was much loved,
 as each corner had finger marks and softened, curly corners.
 You could tell which rhymes were the favourite
of whatever child grew up with them.
 They have been scanned, cleaned up and resized 
to a number 3 tag - that is roughly 2 inches by 3.75.
My first go at making tags and then getting them ready
for a PDF, so any feedback will be good, 
especially if you have tips on how to lay it out.

Download page 1 Nursery Rhyme tags here
Download page 2 Nursery Rhyme tags here

But wait - that's not all. Polishing up my photoshop skills,
and in a sharing mood, some luggage tags for your downloading enjoyment.

I did have fun removing the names.. So the link is below where the originals are zipped up and ready to click.

They are in a PNG file - that means the background
 is transparent and easy to clip and use.


  1. Very clever and very generous - love them all.

  2. OMG I recognize every one of those nursery rhyme pics! I don't remember the book, but clearly I must have had it as a child. I'm off to download - thank you! MWAH xox!


  3. Squeeee!!!! The d'loads are LOADED! So generous!

    I should add that I'm about to make a cloth book for a 1 yr. old's birthday - one page is from a vintage cloth kid's book. Now I need to figure out how to add some of these pics - printing on cloth, or something. What perfection in timing!

  4. Oh wow, those pics are so familiar, I think I must have had that book as a child. Fabby work .. Sarah x

  5. Thanks, how fun to get a little printable gift like this. I love tags especially, always fun to use in div collages.

    Have a great day!

  6. Weren't children's books bliss in the olden days!!
    Just as good as now
    if not better


  7. OMG - I had this very book as a child. I didn't realize it was that old (I was born in the 70s). no idea where it is now, but it's given me goosebumps seeing the images here. the books i have for my new born baby seem so tepid in comparison, but i guess they too will leave an impression...

  8. You are very generous! I should do this with an old nursery rhyme book I have. If I do I shall let you know so I can share also with you. I don't know how to do it but maybe it is time to learn. Thank you!!

  9. Okay, how can you be awesomer than the last time?


  10. Those illustrations are gorgeous! You're starting to blog again :)


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