Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm swooning over Marble and Milkweed

I'm fussy about fragrance.
Being an aromatherapist, 
I lean towards blends made with real essential oils.
 They are becoming harder and harder to source as,
 like wine, must be treated well and will change over time,
 often deepening to a richer, warmer note.

Modern consumers don't understand this
They want their fragrance to smell the same every time, like a Big mac.

 Even though today's "Chanel no 5" is a far cry from the original,
 and  collectors of vintage fragrances are a keen lot.

What a treat to discover a tiny boutique
 cabal of alchemists in the middle 
of New York called Marble and Milkweed. 

 Filled with layer upon layer of exquisite botanical essences, 
the packaging  resembles old time hand made products and ingredients.

It's very hip to blend your own tea these days,
 in between raising chickens and tending your own hive,
 race out and grab some Modern chai no.1,
 and pretend you made it yourself.
 Mouthwatering green ginger and organic
 vanilla makes me feel all good inside.

Marble and Milkweed have a gorgeous blog too, 
and are no slouches in sending out freebies.
 My pack arrived yesterday 
and out spilled a sample of their Fleurs + Cacao.

 Organic green and white jasmine teas
 (including the luxurious Jasmine Pearl)
 is blended with rose petals, roasted cacao nibs, goji berries 
and a ravishing organic vanilla from the south of India. 
The resulting steep is a gorgeous golden color 
with the scent of flowers and chocolate...yum.

When I read the words:
 opoponax, tonka, labdanum, 
my heart skipped a beat.
 Labdanum, or Rock Rose is my all time favourite, 
mixed with warm vanillery tonka bean, and smoky velevetty earthy opoponax
 it was going to be delicious.

This is perfume serum number 3 and has made my day. 
I wanted to share it with you.
I smell like a burnt caramel creme brulee and I love it.
Warning: don't visit their site when hungry.


  1. Ohhhhh mmmmmm ..sigh
    so so lovely no real words left....

  2. How interesting, your job sounds delightful! :) x

  3. dribble dribble dribble dribble.......

  4. Oh wow.........must look wish I could pop in and browse lol.
    Im trying to find scents to accompany little plushie characters, to use as an activity with our visually impaired early years children, at the moment funny enough.
    The idea is to encourage them to express and recognize feelings like worried/frightened/happy/concentrate that kind of thing.
    You wouldn't have any ideas for a scent to use for frightened would you............and no, I cant use er......filled pants lolol


    1. Yep - sure would!
      Lavender is an all purpose aroma, but especially calming to the nervous system, you can fill the softies with lavender flowers - that would be lovely,.

      Dried rosemary could be used to fill another one nad that is good for memory and concentration.
      Labdanum - my favourite, is very comforting especially for anxious or even terrified children.
      If you use the dried herb or flower you cant go wrong, but remember every person will react differently to an aroma. What a wonderful idea, I'd love to hear how it goes.

  5. Una delicadeza absoluta y las imágenes muy bellas

  6. Wonderful post about products I love and enjoy.

  7. oh how gloriously delicious you and your house must smell... yum

  8. i have been known to wear Queen's vanilla essence as perfume. creme brulee sounds even better. off to investigate the links now...

  9. Thanks for the heads up - can't wait for mine to arrive!

  10. Sounds wonderful! I followed the links and loved the blog.

  11. Your words and the beautiful images are like an aromatherapy treatment on the page ...

  12. ooooooh eeeerrr mrs.....i'm off to their shop :)

  13. Oh, yum! I'm off to order some samples. I wear a nutmeg and ginger blend now....which I can't ind anymore, so hopefully I can find a replacement!

  14. If they smell as good as they look in these photos, they must be wonderful!

  15. Thanks for this.. I prefer essential oils to perfume. I once got a chemical burn from bergamont as wore it in really hot sun... came out in massive blisters that had to be lanced by a nurse! My lesson with bergamont was learnt!!

  16. Not being one who can tolerate much in the way of perfume (if I do wear it, I can only wear Chanel and Ralph Lauren. go figure), I do find that you get what you pay for, and that if they aren't too floral, lovely nature brings out the scents that can transport one's mind and heart. And, on the trail, those amazing scents are absolutely free!!

    I'm off to visit the site!

  17. More wonders in the new-to-me department and fragrance is one of my vehicles of transport. Thank you for telling us about them. xo

  18. Hello, I often see your comments on Kaite's FB page so thought I'd come for a visit to your blog. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading some of your posts...very interesting :-) I love that you have a dog named Bruce... that's my husband's name too! lol

  19. hello,
    today I picked up a book for my little girl (by Barbara Cooney, one of her favorites) and as we were reading it, I remembered learning about Opal's diary on your blog last fall.
    Are you familiar with this picture book?
    thanks for the inspiration

  20. Hi Denise I love your vintage creatures a long time , I found your blog, I´m very happy, I carry it to my blog, great job, Paulina


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