Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hello 2013

Truth is, I am nesting. 
Usually during quiet hot January days,
I gravitate towards the coolness of the kitchen,
 to journal or paint there by the sink.
It is the place with most light 
and I need to work in the heart of the house.

 Do you remember these treasures gleaned 
from the Porte De Vanves Flea markets in Paris?
They are now crisp white mounted and framed.
 At last they get to be showcased in the way they deserve.


 The poor old celluloid doll did not survive the trip back,
 but her little hand knitted dress did. 
It was so fragile and full of moth holes.
 But it looks lovely in a frame.

The holes are the best part. 

    When the city is quiet, I am quiet.
There is space to think when 70% of the population are resting.
 Less white noise.
I find myself returning to old pleasures, 
like assemblage and drawing, that require total immersion.

Bits and bobs are finding a place, 
and with them my thoughts rest and nest in a rightful home. 
My studio remains shambolic
 but I have come to accept this is how I work.

 The little wooden farm animals have had a coat of matt varnish
 to help them stay alive a little longer,
 and have become brooches. They look so cute.

 Is there a space in your house you gravitiate towards
 to create that isn't your studio?
How do you resolve this; 
needing to be in a certain light or energy or atmosphere 
while the simple reality of architectrure or space demands
 your studio be elswehere?
"green ears" a rabbit from the book Dirty Wow Wow

It's hurting my brain.


  1. lovely lovely pics. I too work at my kitchen table a lot. My studio is very small and contains so many flammable objects that I am just not brave enough to light my torch in there ... I have an old hostess trolley that has been given a marble top and that is where I do 'hot' work. It is on wheels so it is kinda portable but it tends to lurk at the end of the kitchen table ...

  2. My mom left me a doll similar to the doll's head in the nest; a cloth body; not much, but very much loved and cherished. I want to put out all of the treasures from the past. Not enough room, but you have displayed your treasures nicely.

  3. WAYEEE too adorable! All of it, you have outdone yourself! Last photo just about gave me diabetes- sooo sweet. LOVE!

  4. These treasures are adorable......and you have displayed them perfectly....I agree the holes somehow make the dress more endearing!love the brooches.....oh and that donkey!!! Have a lovely day x

  5. I would love to have that kind of a space but I do with what I have. There are still two grown adult children living here and it makes it difficult to carve out that kind of space of one's own. Your creativity always inspires though. And, I love that header of yours. Very spirited.

  6. I found an old and interesting bird's nest today, i really should photograph it as you did yours. In this hot weather i simply don't work, in fact this afternoon i sat on the floor and started doing a throw out, very satisfying. that's my 2c worth for now.

  7. A wonderful way to set out your treasures. I know these objects and feel they are old friends from my childhood. My grandmother had a finely woven basket with a lid which i loved to riffle through. It was filled to bulging with cards of buttons, old ivory beads and turquoise elephant beads, a pewter thimble, playing cards and dice, a broken china doll and a pair of baby nail scissors shaped like a stork. These are things that give a feeling of contentment and comfort because we know them from our earliest days. In this summer heat I also tend to quieten down, catching up with my reading and doing a bit of journaling or sketching ideas for my carvings. The bedroom is the lightest and coolest place in the house during Summer so I tend to gravitate there.

  8. i like the notion of shambolic. works for me....perhaps 'shambolage' could become the next flavour in terms of art movements.

    Happy New year pet, looking good.

  9. I found it very easy to write in my little timber hut in the Byron hinterland.

    Happy new year, Grrl and Bruce. Sure you're nesting and not facebooking? ;) X

  10. My studio is in the basement. It is the perfect place to make and keep an ongoing mess, but I sure wish I could be working in my kitchen. Light, warmth, and all the smells of happy times. It just makes me feel good. I try to work there as much as I can, but I have to shut everything down at 2 so that my kids can do homework there (because, of course, they love to work there too!)
    As always... lovely photos!

  11. Happy 2013! Beautiful pictures- I am finding the idea of a hot January difficult to get my head round!!! Ours is wet and dull and oh so grey- I'm craving light. I have a work room in the loft, but I tend to work in our family room where the big table is and the dog is, so inevitably I end up running up and down stairs for threads, scissors and other things I have forgotten to get before I start! I'd love a shepherd's hut in the garden that me and the dog can escape to.

  12. I'm struggling with my making place right now. so a very portent question. I need to be able to make a mess but have set myself up with a neat space. I'm not sure how this will resolve but your observation of surrounding energy makes me ponder that perhaps I have been going about this all wrong.

  13. Such treasures. Reading through this post was like taking a walk back through time - to be a simpler and calmer period in the world. Ahhhhhhhh

  14. Lovely little finds! I love to see over looking my garden when I'm sewing, very peaceful and calm! :) x

  15. It's marvellous to see what you do with your finds; I like holes, too.

    I tend to gravitate towards the kitchen as well, but ours is such a mess at the moment I find myself doing most of my creative stuff in bed at the moment.

  16. I have a great studio space, plenty of light, a nice fan, but it does get rather hot in our summer..(read humid) so I gravitate outside where it might be a degree or two cooler if I'm lucky and a bit of a breeze..

  17. You are so totally brilliant. right about the holes being the best part. Your travel journal is excellent. Gives me inspiration. Everything you do gives me inspiration. the Mister and I are going to Italy in June. I'll look for something excellent for you. I love working on the counter in the kitchen but it sets the Mister off. there is light, room, and it's just the right height. But .... not worth the arguments. Love your stuff! Enjoy your warm weather.

  18. It depends on what I am doing at the time. Writing or blogging stuff is done early morning propped up in bed. I have a studio for making but usually navigate towards the dining room table, which is a huge vintage farmhouse table that doesn't mind scissor marks, glue and mess and I can spread out then I usually leave a trail of paper, threads and bits of fabric in any other room I pass through ... Summer finds me in the potting shed sewing, which is open to the garden and the girls. I love the little dress - I like to frame little frocks and booties.

  19. It is the kitchen C-: Oh that holey dress is just lovely and those farm animals X
    Happy 2013 I hope it is good to you X

  20. Happy New Year!

    Love the new header... and the collage of your objects.
    I have a lot of open space right now, and tend to work all over the house, depending on what it is... but cling to the light. Spent a lot of time this winter back in bed with coffee and notebooks, sketching word images, watching the water. But its making me feel "soft" . I'd love to rip the back of my garage off and make it all glass and open it to do some bigger work.

  21. I have a link to your blog on my blog's side bar...I couldn't resist! That way, all I have to do is go to my own blog and click the magic photo to your blog and I am HERE! I love blog Magic!!!
    This is an endearing post. I can remember dreaming of what I wanted to be when I grew up and the creative side of me has blossomed beyond all of my expectations due to the kindred spirit of the blogosphere. There is so much inspiration you could almost cork it up and sell it!!! The fragrance of inspiration. Ahhhh...Bliss!!!
    Yes, and Happy New Year too!
    Teresa in California
    Come participate in Lisa Swifka's 'Our World Our Art' at her 'A Whimsical Bohemian' blog, Feb. 11th through Feb. 25th 2013, link and information is on my blog.

  22. 717 here, I'm your newest fan. Found you by your blog. I've been mulling over some ideas for the last few days and your blog has kicked my sluggish inspiration into sparkling, glittery wow, land. Thank you. I sound like a luny but I'm not, it's just creative excitement. :D

  23. Grand new header. I can really only work in natural light. Artificial turns things shadowy. I used to love to work on my bed, coloring and drawing in particular. Now my legs become too uncooperative. Still looking for the good answer. xo

  24. In the midst of a major renovation now, and yes, I do gravitate toward a different space than my official space! Love your animals. So many things, but must thin my herd. I had no idea I saved so much brown paper!

  25. Hi - even though I do not have a studio, I have in the past created single purpose rooms such as a library and craft room. I had intended to use these rooms as and when the activity I was doing suited them. Like you, however, I have found that I like to do all my activities in the heart of our home which is either in the kitchen or by the coal fire. I have accepted that this is how I like to live and have lined all the living areas with bookshelves and craft storage spaces. I have set up a table and chair in the living room for any crafts that require it but usually I sit next to the fire or at the kitchen tableto do my things. Lily. xxx


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