Sunday, December 16, 2012


I love a good curb side throw out.
Around spring everyone seems to chick out lots of treasure,
and this was the case with a huge bag of vintage hankies.

  Yes, I dug out every one, soaked laundered and ironed them.
Then searched about for a new ways to use them.

For me, they HAVE to be  ironed.
Each one was a treasure.
 Delicate cotton print, lace embroidered, scalloped little squares

How many tears have been mopped up with them?
How many sleeves have they been tucked under,
 or how many mothers have admonished their little girls
to not forget a hankie?

I'm sharing my inspiration.
 Of course there is bunting.

The table runner is a quick project I may try.

 The prize must surely be curtains.

(picture by Mark Loman, styled by Sunday Hendrickson)

I love the way the light shines through.

It looks almost like stained glass.

A shower curtain/ Why not?

Shower curtain

Some little girl bloomers?

or just displayed.

I'll let you know what mine have become when I'm done admiring them.


  1. What lovely ideas for hankies! There is a tutorial somewhere using sheer fabric,fused together with white watered down tacky glue, and tissue wrapping paper, which makes paper cloth used for making journal pages or journal covers. Someone also used silk 'hankies' which comes straight from the cocoon, pulled out and stretched over a small frame then used for fusing with tissue paper. Bonne Nuit Designs blogspot also made a paper mache swan and added a layer of Mulberry paper (silk thread fused with tissue paper)and has the swan for sale in her Etsy shop. Amazing what people come up with to create.
    I enjoy your blog immensely!
    Teresa in California
    We are still in mourning over the tragedy in Connecticut here in the states.

  2. Wow! You did well! I can't wait to see what you do with them ( my collection is in a box in the basement , somewhere. I think that they are begging to be made into curtains.)

  3. What a beautiful post...lovely hankies and lots of inspiring ideas...yes I too love the curtains...and the baby quilt...have fun with your treasures.

  4. Oooh, I love the curtains, great ideas. Have a happy holiday time.

  5. Ooooo yes the curtains take the prize .... and I can see your papier mache creatures wearing them too.

  6. ooh I love the room divider, and the table runner, and the cushions!!! I was recently given a lovely little eye cushion (?), filled with lavender to pop over ones eyes to rest and revive them. A hankie is a perfect size to make one of those too, hankie, bit of ric-rac and voila!

    Great post.

    Jacky xox

  7. Great find, they are all so pretty, my mum still carries hankies.
    Love the curtains, have a great week

  8. They are lovely! I do so love a 'rescue' story with a happy ending!
    bestest to you and yours
    daisy j

  9. What a joyful, pretty post!
    Eye candy indeed. Totally love it!
    Merry merry

    Buster says hi to Bruce too!

  10. It is a shame they are not still used instead of boring disposable tissues as they are so pretty and feminine. I was given a huge stash of vintage beautiful white on white embroidered hankies (yep, ironed all them too before sitting and admiring the lovely neat pile whilst plucking up courage to let the scissors at them. I use them to cover my teeny concertina books.

  11. This is something that i have been wanting to do for a long time....hankie curtains....and you are so lucky to off got yourself a huge stash of them, it can take ages to collect up so many of these little lovelies...well done, im quite your bunting too.
    Pixie x

  12. Can't think of a hankie on earth more happy to be found by the right heart and hands as you and your find!

  13. What a find! As though the faeries set them out just before you arrived. They remind me of dimestore shopping for a Mother's Day or Christmas gift. My grandmother might have worn hers pinned to the bodice of her dress with her lapel watch, rather like a corsage. I love the light through the curtains. xo

  14. I would never have thrown out old hankies.. I wish I had more than the one I found. I can't stop looking at the curtains! So beautiful x

  15. My favourite is the light shines through one... - I´m off to my mothers´s for the holidays - so all best to you and D...!! (- and on my return, stepping off the train, first thing I´ll lay eyes on, at Stuttgarter Platz, will be the Hanky Panky Bar - which, somehow, never fails to cheer me up...;)

  16. and for those days when something is borrowed and something is blue...

  17. I'm so glad you rescued them. Some people see no value in old things, but luckily, people like you do. Have fun with them! What great inspirational photos of use.

  18. Brilliant find, well done. I have a small stash of old hankies, some I use still! Nothing better than a hankie for wiping up tears..

  19. Many hugs. Smooches to you and your honey and Bruce.


  20. I found a little treasure this morning, it was called 'Girl+Dog'! A unusual name I know, but a lovely little treasure, that's for sure! I will be back later to do some more treasure looking! :)

  21. What a great find. I love the table runner and curtain projects. The pictures of the light through the curtains are lovely. I can't believe someone threw those out. I am glad they will get some more use. It makes me think of ways I could re purpose.

  22. {{ nnnoooooooo....

    threw them away !!

    oh oh
    how fortunate you found them...
    only thing better
    would have been ---->
    if I had found them !!
    my collection is quite small
    but well-loved

    ♥ }}

  23. One woman's snot-rag is another woman's joy. The curtains are wonderful, and I can't wait to see what you do with the hankies, they're so pretty.

  24. Absolutely love EVERYTHING that you have done with those hankies!....Makes me regret having thrown so many away over the years!

  25. I have a pile of vintage hankies, and you have inspired me to create with them. This is such a fun, colorful post!! Thank you for gathering all these wonderful images together!

  26. Love Love Love all these ideas! I have a bunch just squished in a drawer - I think the banner idea was my favorite.




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