Monday, December 10, 2012

Catching up

 The talk went well, 
there was no need to freak out.
Thanks to modern technology,
 Powerpoint makes it so easy.

Afternoon tea was served
featuring asparagus wrapped in devon.
 It was a nostalgic moment.

There is something about tea brewed
 in those giant pots that make it taste like mothers.
 I swear. Home made cake and 
gallons of tea had me restored and ready for the 60 k trip home.

 So many things to prepare for -
three markets and a new shop opening
 that wants some cute things.
The guardian angels have reappeared,
 wearing a beautiful hand linen tablecloth for a dress.
 Their wings are very old patchwork quilts,
 some so fragile they needed mending before I could use them.
They have not made it to etsy yet,
 I have been lazy - but if you want one, just message me.
Mention the bloggy and it's free postage.

How delightful to  discover this quote 
by a long time favourite author and mystic, Dion Fortune.
She  captures the essence of hand made:


Yes it's a mish mash catchup post..
Now back to the studio to wallow in mounds of pre loved fabric
some more.


  1. love it all.....not sure about the asparagus wrapped in devon though!

  2. beautiful - you seem wholly inspired since you came home from Europe.

  3. love that quote by Dion Fortune. I have never had devon and asparagus.

  4. Reminiscing....asparagus wrapped in devon, brewed pots of tea .... memories of the CWA at the local agricultural shows. Glad all went well (I had not doubt it would. You would have been a breath of fresh air to the 'knitters'.

    Your guardian angels are gorgeous! Have they all been sold yet (need a bit of 'watching over' at the moment).

    Swoon when I see your piles of pre-loved fabric.....

    Jacky xox

  5. what ,, no angels on horseback? prunes wrapped in bacon if memory serves me correctly...

  6. I love the 'watcher' the bestest of all,
    but how lovely they all are....sitting there amongst your other postings....
    Daisy j

  7. I knew the talk would go well! Did you tuck a guardian into your pocket? They are all delightful!

  8. Love the quote and the angels.

  9. Yes, the quote was spot on as are your glorious angels
    am drinking tea as I write.
    Buster sends greetings to dear Bruce!

  10. Reading your blog in a freezing cold Lancashire and absolutely loving your Guardians. (drinking Yorkshire Tea and eating a slice of Christmas cake.) Ha ve a lovely Christmas. Vera.

  11. You really are MIA. Facebook land no doubt, talks? and openings, no wonder. Have a lovely Christmas. Hugs to you and Brucey X

  12. Hmmm.... I have been contemplating getting rid of my vintage fabric stash....but no more!! How can i when I see how you have used yours! Awesome!


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