Friday, November 16, 2012

Elbow deep in papier mache

 About the time I combed a chunk of wallpaper paste
from Bruce's fur, I figured I was hooked.

Between pasting, he was learning a new command: roll over. The liver treats may have gotten mixed up with paste a few times, but we carried on.

 Next minute my dolls were receiving a
doggy tongue baths they lay drying in the sun.
 The "roll over" trick may still be coming,
 but now Bruce has a taste for paste.

Opal's Diary continues to inspire.
 Her cast of characters is plentiful 
with much to draw from. Her friends the trees, 
whose arms she is held by all have names.

Panties, or at the very least a full and frilly petticoat
is mandatory. Surely I was not the only one
whose test of authenticity of a doll was whether or not she wore panties??

 My first efforts yielded some roomy bloomers,
 but the skill levels are rising, slowly.

Like the softies, each has a personality
 way before a face is ever manifested, 
and that face is a result of the personality it has.

If get quiet enough, and out of the way enough,
the face comes on right and clear.

I am scheduled to talk to a group of ladies 
soon about knitting. Little do they know I am truly a crap knitter,
but ideas are percolating. Perhaps the thing I can do is share my voice  and how I came to find that voice, so that the resonance of their own journey can be amplified out into the world.

They better not want knitting tips. I hope that will be enough. 
I hope I am enough.


  1. You'll be stupendous Darling ... knit one purl one, keep it simple sweets ;)

  2. Yes, KISS, thats all they want to know and you will look brilliant. The best knitting tip is the Glad Feels it creates for one.
    And dolls Always had to have panties, that was a Must. I'm off to knit now....

  3. I'm not a knitter... at all, but I would LOVE to be at that talk. You are so unique with such a passion for what you do that whatever you say will be inspiring.Just be yourself Grrl!

  4. I feel so grateful to be able to watch these people coming into being - they are clearly quite magical. My brow unfurrows as I gaze at their sweet faces. I think the knitters will be fascinated to hear you and I think that dollies should definitely wear knickers ...

  5. yes all dollies need knickers, even knitted knickers !

  6. Yes, dollies need undies to protect their modesty ... I still blush when I see them without .....

  7. You are so clever! Love these works of papier mache!

  8. I love your little papier mache dolls and I am with you - a doll should definitely have panties! From my experience of dog spit (spinoni are very very droolly) their spit is probably stronger than wallpaper paste. I hope the knitting talk goes OK. At least you are not addressing children. I find them the scariest of all the give a talk to! xxx

  9. Love 'em...and the notion that you're getting better at making bloomers & knickers made me laugh out loud! Keep up the good work x

  10. What a wonderful doll--so full of character!

  11. Loving your inspiration! Opal put words together that tend to jolt perception a bit - your art is so glad! Really wonderful. The pooch is grateful , we all are!I would LOVE to attend a talk with you doing the talking about ANYTHING- you are so cool like that!

  12. {{ waving feverishly
    all your Kind&Good
    handmade treasures ...

    it makes me HapPy just to visit them

    truly ... }}

  13. Hello,
    Bruce has exceptional taste!
    Just share your passion with the knitting ladies and 'try your best' that what my Nan always said,
    Bestest to you and of course Bruce....
    Daisy J x

  14. You most certainly are enough and the recounting of your journey will be of value beyond measure. They think they're coming to learn about knitting. Little do they know. xo

  15. Your first image made me burst out laughing (I'm still giggling)

    And I think you are definitely enough.

    At least :)

  16. Dear Bruce, I hope my Pack Leader, Sus takes up paper mache making some day soon. Sounds delicious! Love from Flossy

  17. Julie Arkell certainly inspires your work, and love the little tea set.

  18. Your creativity always amazes me and I am sure the knitters will think you're fabulous.

  19. old Jewish proverb ...

    "who is happy? s/he who has enough"

    ps bloomers are essential and i love that tiny teaset

  20. I am not enough, are we each enough? Let's be enough and let them be enough, too.

  21. Too long since I wandered by...oohh.. just as fun, clever and inspiring as ever.
    You will delight each and every knitter I am sure and get them thinking about more than the stitches and such.

  22. That little tea set is sweeeeeet and I'm sure those knitters will love you.
    Be sure to let me know if you're ever down Melbourne way doing any workshops...would love to do a workshop with you, especially this papier mache and your little knitting!
    Love Opal, and all the cast appearing.

    Jacky xox

  23. always so surprised by the sweetness and beauty of your blog. And inspired to stitch by hand again. Thanks.

  24. Dear sweetie!
    I've been too busy for too long and I come here and I see completely wonderful pretty wash over me from your unique and lively style. I want to do paper mache now! I must do this today! How can a person resist those little trees!! You are more than enough!

  25. le petit chien ressemble à mes chihuahuas... manque le petit manteau par ce grand froid! bravo pour ces créations!

  26. I found your blog thanks to the beanie pattern you made. I am in love with your quirkiness, and that you also have a dog named Bruce. Maraming Salamat! You are inspiring!


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