Sunday, November 4, 2012

Paper Mache toadstools

It's true - I've been cheating on you. I've been having a facebook fling, but it's over. Almost.

It's not you, it's me.

I couldn't help it, it was just so easy, 
I kinda fell into it. Just a click.
Then another click.  Then before I knew it I was hooked.
And then I got hooked on paper mache. 
With the warm spring air coming in and endless sunny days,
I was elbow deep in wallpaper paste. Happily maching.

These are the trees of possibility.
Created from an old Rudyard Kipling book of poems.
Sometimes text leaps from the page to tell me what it wants.
There are three trees of Possibility,
but it's very possible there will be more.
Then a trio of toadstools popped up. 
All shiny and ready for fairies to sit under, 
or to initiate brownies..
 Making little figures has proven a challenge. 
They are so fussy about their clothing.

Small stitches.

 The birdies will come to the market today. 
We will see if anyone "gets" them.
If they sit on the shelf ignored I may be forced
 to return home to binge on facebook.

It's less committing, like casual sex. Yes I am cheating on my long term relationship with blogger. There it is. 
A seven year itch at six years? Mid life crisis?

 Whatever, I will come crawling back, you know it.
 Meanwhile the story of Opal has seeped into the studio. 
I am dreaming of more trees with names - 
names Opal gave her mighty fir trees and her oaks.
Of having Brave Horatius the dog become paper mache.

What  is inspiring you?


  1. Ah hah, so that's why i am enjoying F/Bk, it's like casual sex, suddenly i get it! chuckle..... I think i'm now in love with your little people, and your birdies but especially the little people. Did you try the finer needle, stronger glasses idea for the little stitches?
    What's inspiring me? dunno, stories of abandoned dogs and chilly kids seem to do it every time. cheerio...

  2. I'm being inspired by the new people joining SKETCHBOOK FRIENDS it's my new blog where I've invited others to share their sketchbooks.
    But today you have inspired me with your lovely page so a big thanks for showing it to us and being back in blogger land.
    Lynn x

  3. Such quaint, lovable little creatures you are making, Grrl. We forgive you for the fling.... it is only a fling right? What is inspiring me? ... hmmmmm ..... in art, I'm thinking about abstracting, subtracting and simplifying.

  4. These are such lovely little creatures and such fun.
    You look to be full of energy and verve!
    Things a bit grin here still but OK for us
    awful for others
    Buster sends love to Bruce as I do to you!

  5. oh I totally 'get' them, especially the toadstools and the birds..♥

  6. Me. Too. The little people. Filltheshopfilltheshooo-op...

  7. Oh your trees are inspiring me!

    ...and my dog when he runs, its like he has springs on his paws so funny....wish I had some,

    Bestest Daisy J x.

    Ps please give up FB its a bit common don't you Know? sniff sniff!

  8. YOU are inspiring me...I love these little things!!!

  9. Oh what fun are these delightful creations.

  10. Love your papier mâché. I made a big doll once which was loud and very rude LOL. Gave it to a friend. Seems like a lot of bloggers I follow have slowed down, stopped or are thinking/talking about it. A few old friends have stopped commenting too maybe because I'm moving away from the dogblogpark and am no longer what they signed up for. To be fair, I'm reading and commenting far less too. It's tough to keep up with blogs that post every day. I'm conflicted though not having an affair like you ;) Time to clean house. Life moving on I guess X

  11. Always good to 'fess up, more likely to be forgiven!!!
    Love all your gorgeous creations. So, is the secret of paper mache wallpaper paste?


  12. To be honest,

    I have to say that when Blogger introduced harder, more comlplicated word verifs, I lost my mojo. Sometimes I'd spend more time getting the code right than actually reading and commenting.

    I turned off my word verif ages ago, to make it easier for everyone. I occasionally get the odd bit of spam, but nothing to cause angst.

  13. Oh yes, I understand the FB thing and the ETSY thing that has just about taken me over entirely! , I am back to normal what ever that is. I am loving the mache treasures- LOVING, I say! Something I have always wanted to get stuck into! You have inspired me...

  14. These photos really inspire me. Wish I could come over to your studio to play!

  15. I love the paper mache creations. I used to volunteer for an arts group that liked to make big paper mache sculptures for a parade they would put on each year. It makes me think of those days.

  16. Your dirty little affair has actually been quite obvious to us, but I guess we can be patient with you while you sort through it all. I enjoy the FB, but I have missed your beautiful posts.
    I have to think that your studio comes to life at night. All these little creatures and magical creations. There is just no way they don't have a life away from our boring one. They are so wonderful... I hope the market people fall in love (as they should.)

  17. oh me oh this post! everything is inspiring!X

  18. I ordered the Opal book and enjoy you on FB, too. Your "trees of possibility" speak to me, call, beckon. What is inspiring me is thinking of beauty - I have gone mad for things printed with roses - and string instruments in favorite songs - and real magic, the kind that inhabits us with trees made from prose or poetry and impossible things happening. Your birds will not languish. xo

  19. I love these paper mache creatures! makes me want to play!

  20. Love the birdies with fabric wings and bobbin perches - inspiration indeed!
    As for the affair - we to err is human - is it ever! But glad to see your blog entry - thanks for liking my bulldogs! Unfortunately they went AWOL in the post - sacre blue!
    Keep up the mâché and the blogging ( I should talk!)
    Xxdi - tinkeringbythesea. Blogspot

  21. Yes, you are inspiring me, too! Love your creations!

  22. I simply adore your blog! I am now a new follower! Your creations are so dog gone cute girl!
    I will be coming here often.
    Teresa in California

  23. wellll shoot
    everyTHING here is plum inspiring
    my resent journey to san miguel
    renewed my interest in paper mache
    {{ an arty*thing
    which i USE to do with children
    when i was teaching }}

    the day of the dead
    HUGE paper mache heads
    in the parades down there in mexico
    made me feel so happy and carefree ...

    i would dance in the street
    with those big headed people ...
    honestly, did that 3 times
    i can remember...

    i remain Committed to finishing
    my afghan blanket
    i am crocheting on cool florida night.

    then who knows what comes

    your trees are the best thing ever
    i Must say..

    i am have tree*Love just looking @ them...

  24. What a beautiful, beautiful blog.. So much wonderful eye candy and tender words.
    Look forward to connecting with you here and Facebook. You are are very inspirational and talented lady.
    Julie :)

  25. i just came across this post in your blog and you made me smile, thank you for your lovely words and little mached figures, all best, ingrid

  26. facebook is ok. But it blog land where we have *conversations*!

    I am still enthralled with Opal too. I wish I could come play paper mache with you!

  27. Words can not express how mesmerizing your blog is to me. Many Blessings!!!

  28. My goodness your work is truly amazing xxx


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