Wednesday, October 3, 2012


 It's coming to a year since I farewelled Baxter.
 I feel him in the sunlight,
the way the breeze blows
 and the spring/summer smells.


 Since this is my blog, 
I can post what ever I want,
 and today I am remembering hound.
No need to comment.

 He was found in a plastic bag, in a creek bed.
We lived up north then, 
and despite knowing the farmer
 who did this to him and his litter,
there was fear of reprisal, 
so the guy was never prosecuted.

 I became his mum after fostering him for two months. 
On my birthday he trotted in with a ribbon and his adoption papers.
 I knew nothing about dogs but he taught me. 
We would walk in the bush every day.

his butt was a heart..
He got me out into the world, 
a challenge after living with agoraphobia for two years.
The bush was peaceful and full of magic.

Baxter was ornery-
 wild with dingo spirit pumping in his veins,
but he would pose with a tea cosy on his head
for Loani Prior, Queen of Tea Cosies.

 He would disappear and go bush for days,
 then pop up as if nothing had happened. 
His life was beside me, and moving to Sydney was fine. 
Less chickens to chase,
 but he was OK with that.

The puppachino bar at Cafe Bones was a good place.

 He has been painted and immortalized by famous artists., 
and was my assistant for guerilla knitting.

 Not a fan of going to the vet...

and the namesake of this blog.
I know he is around, he's made that clear.

But today, it's a bit tough.
Now push yourself away
 from your computer and go hug your dog
or bird.


  1. Baxter must have been a wonderful can tell by his expressive face. You must still miss him so...a lovely tribute to a good friend.

  2. What a beautiful boy. He had a good life-I can see that. Your post made me cry because I have a black Lab I love more than anything in the world. He's my most trusted friend. Every girl should have a dog. *hugs*

  3. I didn't know Baxter had such an interesting heritage and life. I rather assumed you were both city born and bred. Shame that man wasn't prosecuted. What happened to the rest of the litter, do you know?

    Given that you rescued Baxter, and he rescued you, I think he's going to be with you forever. That's just the way it is. Big hugs Denise, and one for the new hound too. The sun is beautiful today, isn't it? X

  4. Reading this with pooch in my arms- he is little so I can do this and type...Baxter, lucky guy! Had such a great life. You found him and he found you and the story is beautiful. Thanks.


  5. The rest of the litter, but one were killed by the farmer. He had a brother, a wild thing living on his wits by the beach in Byron Bay. A friend took 2 months to get to the point where he would approach her for food. When she did, she as able to cut off the collar that had grown into his neck and get him to Animal Welfare in Lismore.

    We only just found him, 6 months before baxter passed, still living in the shelter, a well cared for boy, but un-adoptable because of his wildness and cautiousness for people, especially men with bellies and farmer hats - you know the typical Aussie type, he hated those. It was good to know Baxter had a brother.

  6. And a hug for you, too, Grrl with lots of love from sus and flossy

  7. What a beautiful love story. It brought tears to my eyes.


  8. What a journey the two of you had together, such a heart warming story Denise.
    So glad there are people like you around to care, when others don't.......

    Claire :}

  9. I cannot believe that a year has nearly passed ... He was clearly the good kinda dog found and loved by the good kinda people.

  10. Yes.
    You two were a wonderful pair.
    My heart goes out to you.
    Been 5 years, come November when I lost both of my babies, within 12 days of each other.
    Still miss them.
    Still love them.

  11. Lion heart xx

    (going to have to stop visiting here madam, that's last 2 blog posts of yours that have had me all weepy!)

  12. G'day again to Baxter, nice to see him once more.

  13. Baxter looks like he was a beautiful friend, no wonder it is tough without him...I don't know what I would do without my dog Sparky, he saves my life every day. I gave him a cuddle after reading your post.

  14. I can understand why you love him so much. My dog, Alfie is such a presence in my home, I can't imagine life without him! Even when he's driving me mad!*hugs*

  15. Sobbing. Thank you for this loving tribute. What a miracle that you saved this puppy. Dogs change your life. My girl Ruthie is the love of my life and has open my eyes to tons of beauty I would've missed without her--not to mention all the joy she feels and brings. Thanks again for the powerful words and pictures.

  16. My heart goes out to you.
    Thank you for sharing – that must have been so difficult for you to write. The first years are the hardest. Although the pain of loss never goes away I hope that in time you will be able to remember the gorgeous boy with happy memories instead of pain.

  17. I usually read your delightfully heart warming blog and not comment but today am very much compelled. You are Baxter's hero ♥ his wonderful story you will always treasure & will be a part of you. We rescued a wee little ferrell kitten from the pipe yard .. a little matted orange mess no bigger than the small of your palm in a half frozen puddle .. we thought we were going to bury him when his little tail twitched. We were bound at that moment. He was so kiddish we named him Scamper.. he didn't like anyone except us .. we he loved.

  18. Only a knight, a true champion for his equally-loved grrl, would wear a tea cosy with such dignity. A hard day, I know. You do Baxter great justice with your beautiful tribute. xo

  19. ... a year :( Blossom and I send you Big Love & Hugs <^..^>

  20. You "had me" at how he was found...and it seems they live each day grateful to you and yet they give us SO MUCH! We rescued Louie and laid on the floor with him for a while so he could overcome his timidity after who knows what happened to him in his first two years before we got him. But he's my beautiful, loyal boy, sticks his head out of the sunroof of the car while I'm driving and people next to me point, laugh, then wave — and wish they had a dog like him. I'm so glad you continued the legacy of love — now to your dog Bruce... Blessings to you!

  21. a beautiful tribute Denise..
    thank you for sharing such a heartwarming story..
    what a wonderful life Baxter had because you allowed him to follow his heart.
    Dogs are the best.

  22. Ok!

    If u have a heart mark on your butt, you've Got to be awesome through and through. Xo

  23. So touching. My heart goes out to you. My Peanut came along to pull me through a very difficult time. I am convinced she knows my heart. So glad he was in your life.

  24. What a story, Denise, my heart has been warmed and broken and warmed again by it. I don't have a dog, cat, chicken or bird to hug so I'll go and hug Dave instead. It's about time for bed, anyway.

  25. What a delightful story of friendship and love, and what a host of memories you have to fall back on.
    Bless his memory and I hope that blummin farmer gets, or got, very painful piles!
    Reckon Fate meant you to have him ...........or maybe for him to have, especially, you.

  26. Awww! Baxter really was a great guy, so glad you saved him. The picture of him as a baby breaks my heart. I'm waiting for the next animal who will come into my life. I can still feel my last dearie, a wonderful little ferret, nearby even though it's been over 3 years since we lost her.

    I've given up trying to understand people who actively hurt animals. I can't even understand the ones who hurt animals as collateral damage (like logging) just because they can.

  27. Melts my heart. Baxter couldn't have found better parents to save him. Thinking of you today and now I'm off to throw lemons for Diggety dog. I have no idea what it is about lemons but they are very important!

  28. Aww aww aww - just THE lovliest pet story - he was a lucky boy, you were a lucky Mom :) really nice pics, especially with his tea cosy hat. x

  29. Two gassy dogs running in their sleep at my feet as I read this. And I wouldn't have it any other way. What a wonderful story and great photos.


  30. Such a heartfelt tribute to dear Baxter. I know he was very loved and blessed to find you. The photo's brought a big smile to my heart. Sounds like he came into your life at the right time. Our animals can be such healers.

    Mimilove's tribute to him is gorgeous - I know how beautiful her work is after doing a one on one swap with her.

    Dot xx

  31. As I try to catch up in the wee hours here, my sweet Scout is sleeping, my wife is talking to me, and I can barely see these words i'm trying to type.
    you were a blessing to B

  32. Can't believe a whole year has gone by...same with my Clover, beloved Spirit Mutt. We have Lily now, who looks quite like Clover, but is always reminding us she is Lily, her own special self. Thanks for posting this, it was great to see the pictures of +dog.

  33. what a lovely story! love also the pictures! x

  34. Doggy love ... From me and my Molly....thank goodness for grrls like you...:0)


  35. Thank you for every thought, hug and kind wish sent my way and out to the doggy world. I promise next post will be joyous, uplifting and silly.



  36. hey:) my english isn't that good, i hope you can understand eather :) thanks for your commy, it was my first one :D i'm kind of new, okay, just for one day, and i still have to learn much about blogging, and i think your blog is soo wonderful! I really like your knittings and chrochet things :D (and your dog, of course :D)
    Fluffy Tiger

  37. Thanks for that beautiful post....

    Jacky xox

  38. I am all chocked up now! I love his heart...
    and you.


  39. ops that was me with a tear in my eye!
    Logged into my old account.
    Love your Baxter.

  40. okily dokily - I'm not just hugging the Hoagy - I'm taking him for a really long stroll. An escape hound like Baxter he is getting on ... ah but he is pure love and so are you!


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