Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Brighter days

I have been busy since I got back -
 so many ideas and things to try.
 Hand stitching these beautiful flower brooches
 taught to us by Julie Arkell has given me sweet hours of peaceful reflection.

The centres are just big enough
 to be completed in a nice trip to  a cafe,
 or sitting in the sun for a couple of hours.

I have enjoyed rummaging through
 my big stash to find the right fabric.
 That and the search for the perfect button 
are one of life's simple joys.
 Just when a scrap of fabric becomes so small
 its destiny is the bin, you discover new uses.
 A hoarder such as myself appreciates this.
 Now not even to tiniest scrap is wasted.


 The days are warmer,
and daylight savings has me up with the birds.

 A lucky find at the local recycle centre, 
this old dressmakers torso
 is perfect for display at the markets.

 I am back in my groove, 
and what bliss that is.

Audio books on,
 studio lit with natural  light, 
and Bruce watching
 the front door in case of cats.

These are sun bright days.


  1. OoOH, enjoy the sunshine and the longer days - we are watching the days get darker and damper here in the UK. I LOVE those big blooms!

  2. Your posts always touch my heart - thank you. :)

  3. Oohh.. Lovely.. Where did you attend the julie Arielle workshop ?
    Was it in France?
    Love that your loving it

  4. Hey Denise, what a great find at the recycle your brooches and how wonderful to be back in your groove.......
    It just feels right and when the inspiration is flowing it's bliss.
    Enjoy the sunny days and your early morning starts.

    Claire :}

  5. mmmmm! I smile with you - the brooches are delightful! Hello to Bruce, sus

  6. Dear Mistress Hoarder of Tiny Bits,

    I'm so glad you're back in the groove, it's a lovely place to be. Isn't the sun amazing? The weatherman said it would rain all week but he was wrong! I think summer is already here :D X

  7. Fabulous, i'm so pleased you've found your muse again. And how fortunate that Bruce is able to keep those pesky cats from the door, i can't imagine what mayhem they would create if he knocked off early! I'll see if i can find a scrap or 2 for you.

  8. Sewing, early mornings, audio books, searching the scrap jar and sewing cafe trips ... sounds absolute bliss. I love the flowers, especially the red dotty one with the cross stitch heart. I am glad you are back in the groove. The dress makers model is gorgeous ... ooh that patina! the perfect backdrop for the pretty brooches.

  9. Ohhh so loving these...Julie A. is a goddess how lucky are you to have worked with her! I too adore that little cross stitch heart.
    Bestest as ever
    Daisy J.

  10. When I read your blog I feel like time slows down a bit and a lovely wave of peacefulness washes over me ... Lovely stitches. Nice to know Bruce is keeping you safe from a cat invasion.
    ps. I just discovered the wonder of audio books during the prep for an exhibition - awesome!

  11. Lovely stuff as always - those brooches are so gorgeous, I might have to have a go at making one myself. I have a bagful of the titchiest scraps of fabric saved up which will be perfect! And that dressmakers' dummy is a great find. I sold one I found at a carboot years ago, which I really regret now I've started sewing... never mind! I think I only sold it for about £4 too... Have a lovely week x

  12. Happy flowers! I can feel you are so contented. Glad you're in the groove.

  13. there was a traditional saying in Japan
    "never throw away a cloth big enough to wrap three beans"

    in your case the beans would have to be pretty small.


    for Bruce


  14. I love these. Sun Bright Days! Bliss.

    Good you are out getting your vit D too.
    We just dropped 20 degrees here and have had rain--you brightened
    and warmed me with your beautiful flowers.

    Did you know the word "Grrl" has been officially added to the dictionary.
    You are "legal" so to speak... :)

  15. beautiful flowers - it's as if they have bloomed with all that extra light you are receiving. enjoy!

  16. As we shift into Fall, your writings and art give us brighter days. xo

  17. Yeah! All looks lovely and dreamy. So happy you are in your groove and can't wait to see what other beautiful treasures you make. I can completely relate to the tiny scrap concept. I can barely part with even the tiniest of paper and fabric scraps. Sometimes the tiniest piece makes all the difference. When I include it, I feel some strange affinity with it. Like I just rescued it and it has finally met its destiny!

  18. my goodness this post just cheered me up...the idea of sun really come through the flowers - they sing indeed...and no, throw nothing out but save for the busy box...thank you for bringing a smile to me.

  19. What beautiful sunshine after such a dull winter we've had here. These are gorgeous and full of joy. I'm glad I'm not the only one who saves every little scrap, I began to think I was becoming obsessive.

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  21. Beautiful brooches...sunny and happy.
    Pixie ;)

  22. wow the flowers are soo beautiful and sweet!! enjoy the sun, here its already autumn!

  23. Sun bright days indeed!
    These little creations are blissfully joyful.
    So glad you are back with Bruce who must have missed you.
    Turning a little chilly here.
    Buster sends a lick and a wag your way.

  24. I love the Japanese saying! To Bruce :- make sure those pesky cats stay away. Lily. xxx

  25. Sweetness! Sweetness and nestingness. And creative groove.

    Life is good.

  26. So pretty, love the lavender one. Hens Teeth has also been make lovely flowers inspired by Julie Arkell. Fabulous to be spreading the inspiration around.

  27. love your wonderfully bright & cheery colors .. your creativity always put a smile on my face! Bravo for using even the tiniest of scrap!

  28. "Brighter days where did they go"
    they are obviously right here!
    Lovely happy flowers:)

  29. Increiblemente bellos!... hechos con puro amor.

  30. Glad the busy box is still busy!

  31. and back in your groove you are indeed...these are delightful!

  32. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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