Sunday, August 19, 2012

an afternoon with Heike Gerbig

 Heike Gerbig is a private person.
 She does not fill the air with
 unnecessary words. 
She possesses a German sureness 
of conviction
  I know so well.
 A photographer by first trade, 
she is uncomfortable
 being on the other side of the lens.

A stitcher really only needs a comfy chair 
by a nice window, and Heike has both. 
Her main studio area 
is also filled with light and the neutral tones
 of her makings.

 Splashes of red are appearing on her walls.

I love text in textiles.
Heike is proudly self taught 
and deliberately insular. 
She does not wish to dilute
 her inner world.
 About using words on textiles, 
she says they have to be authentic.
"There is no use to play in a different 
word league than your own."

Our blogs brought us together.
One soft little pointy headed creature
called to me and made a swap.
How delightful to see them sitting happily
 in her wash basket.

One reason people invest
in face to face workshops
is to harvest not only technique,
 but philosophy.
To gather by osmosis that which 
the artist imparts invisibly.
What is unspoken is often more powerful, 
and that is how I feel about Heike's creatures.

 Like Julie Arkell, 
Heike draws from her  inner world
 to make the invisible visible.
 One of the remaining believers in
the wee folk, fee, gnomes
or in German, heinzelmannchen,
her creatures 
are how she sees them.

Little pointy heads, 
who can create mischief for those
 who do not respect them.
I am totally inspired.

I felt privileged to be invited
into her sacred space
 and view her fabric stash.

Of course, Heike's class is fully booked out
next year in Australia's Art Fibre Fest.
 You can go over to drool if you wish.


  1. I love to see what artists create and it's an added joy to see behind the scenes. Fabric stashes, book shelves, pin boards and arty clutter...... Where the magic happens.

  2. This is lovely, despite the attempted soul theft we Heinzelmännchen/Heinzelweiblein fear whenever we see a camera pointed in our direction...;) - going to take revenge immediately... cheers H.

  3. thanks for introducing me to Heike's work.... gawgus!

  4. I came from Heike's website...and have to say that the two of you together must've been awesome. I follow your work on Flickr!

  5. What a delightful being to share time with. I want friends like your friends. :)

  6. this is a delightful window into heike's working world. thank you.

  7. I am immediately at one with this camera shy person :) May I just say, her little creatures look like vegetables and teeth to me! Could this be my imagination? Terrific to see you having so much fun, D! X

  8. Your travels are a magical mystery tour in which we get to be wee folk ourselves, stowed away in your satchel. Oh yes, you and Heike and the pointy-headed ones together, what a time that would have been. xo

  9. Wonderful to see a bit of the inside world of Heike. Thanks for sharing the privilege.

  10. wonderful, as I knew it would be

  11. sounds like some good wandering going down

  12. How wonderful, duly drooling...I like the sound of Heike a lot! I like spare people...very good, very good indeed,

    Sarah -x-

  13. To gather by osmosis that which
    the artist imparts invisibly. oh yes!

    a book of gnomes one of the first books taken from library.
    did i ever give it back?

    these are the true thing. I love them. Such personalities. You are very lucky. Your work shares a basket of time with Heike's. THank you both.

  14. always
    to visit here
    the best of words

  15. I feel like I have just wafted through that lovely post becoming more serene with every picture and enveloped in a sort of wistful sweetness ... many thanks

  16. ... and thanks from me to everyone! H.G.

  17. i have been away awhile...but you still have the most interesting posts!

  18. LOVE her art!
    By the way I have posted on my blog, a little raggedy bird that comes to get peanuts- he may inspire you to make a similar one with your magic.

  19. OMG....
    i would have paid to stand in the corner of the room both
    of you were standing, without saying one word.
    Both of you are amazing, inspiring . . .
    really. truly.

  20. OMG....
    i would have paid to stand in the corner of the room both
    of you were standing, without saying one word.
    Both of you are amazing, inspiring . . .
    really. truly.

  21. Lucky you!
    These little creatures are fascinating.
    And to be in BERLIN!

  22. Great review - revealing and sensitive - thank you!

  23. I will have to be content just to 'drool'... your words and her images of her work... brought together in a very inspiring way.

  24. what a wonderful meeting of creative spirits.

  25. I love Heike's work! I have followed her blog forever :) I was so lucky to have won some of her beautiful stitchery earlier this year. I'm so spoiled. But you were the real lucky one - you got to meet Heike's in person!


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