Sunday, April 29, 2012

Still here

 The dubious looking guardian angel knows
 I'm still here.

Still navel gazing, 
picking out lint, hoping for gold.

The silver lining in an etsy-stential crisis
 is a return to what matters.
 What gets that breeze up under the skirt. 

Right now, I'd rather do the last three year's taxes
 than turn up to another market stall.

It was delightful creating little softies,
 they pracically made themselves,
and the market does have nutella crepes, after all.

But it's time to something else to enrich my inner self.
How easy is it to lose sight? 
To be seduced by shiny images and glossy  oooo....what's that?

I could kick myself. 
I lost track. 
Pinterest may be the new Lorelei on the Danube.
Singing mermaids that lure us
 to murky momtrepeneurial doom.

 The guardian angels, the teacups and my little softies will
be hauled out once more
 next week.

A nutella crepe will be scoffed.
Drips licked from wrists.
But my heart will be nourishing itself

A new/old project. 
Funny how life runs circular,
 and long stored dusty skills pop out again into currency.

Of course I wont tell you yet.


  1. had to chuckle when I read how you feel about doing another market stall - can relate however 3yrs taxes might be stretching it a bit for me.

    I've now just read the quote at the bottom of your page and after I started breathing again & stopped feeling a little sick I will have to steal it - hope you don't mind - it's going to a good home.

  2. Thrilled to hear/read you're still here and am pondering what's in store.

  3. Glad to hear that. I've been missing your posts somehow. (Been busy, for a change.) I wish I was so clever that my softies could make themselves, not that I've ever tried making any. That pin javu is FUNNY! They seem to be all over my FB newsfeed these days. There's a limit to how much cleverness one can take in a page.

    New project sounds interesting. I shall stay tuned. HUGS x how cold is it today? Ugh.

  4. love, love, love ..... your guardian angels are wonderful grrl.

    mmmmm..wondering what your new/old project could be? Will stay tuned.

    Jacky xox

  5. I so love your work and I'm desperate to know whats next!

  6. Hmmmm .... now what will you be getting up to next? The market route can get a bit tedious (I did it for many years) but I don't think it's time wasted. You are now ready to move on in a more focused frame of mind. Please don't keep us waiting too long before you reveal your next project.

  7. I shall be waiting on tenterhooks to discover what your next project will be. In the mean time, have one of those nutella crepes for me, please! I especially love that Guardian.

  8. Dear Grrl, best of wishes as you follow your heart into old new projects. Your Guardian is with you, you cannot go wrong! xxoo, sus

  9. Singing mermaids that lure us
    to murky momtrepeneurial doom.

    brilliant! thank-ooo for the burst of laughter.


  10. Markets can be a chore for sure. still, while your hands are busy making familuar things your thoughts wander and your brain can conjure up all sorts of magic. I look forward to seeing your magic.I am so easily distracted that I have avoided yhe "p" place altogether! x Sue

  11. Hmmm, are we getting out the knitting needles again? Please don't stop making your critters though, they're delightful.

  12. How exciting - can't wait to see what you are nurturing! You've made me smile and that quote at the bottom of the page is truly inspiring - thank you Denise

  13. 'Nothing, like something, happens anywhere' (Philip Larkin)

  14. So we are quite in suspense........
    longing to know the new plan......
    Does Bruce approve?


  15. Love your guardian angel and I can't wait to see what you're up to! - Jeanne

  16. I love this post and am amazed at how it hits on all these thoughts that are also rolling around in my head. Go boldy into this next thing. I cannot wait to see.


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