Saturday, February 4, 2012

Therefore as a stranger give it welcome.

doggy guest Jack enjoying the park at our Hotel for Dogs

"There are more things in heaven and earth,
Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Scene 1: Eleven years ago: I sleep with a guy at a party.
He wears a black corset and platform boots.
When the drugs wear off I high heel it out of there.
End of scene 1.

this isn't him

Scene II: Not so long ago

Corset guy is serving me at the counter. 
Fat and married but nevertheless ..him
Shit what is his name?? I'm going to have to say hello.

It's annoying when your brain wont work. 
Days go by, annoyed. By coincidence my new optometrist's name rings a dusty bell.
  Ah, that's it.
Relocate file, insert lost info ands close file,
happy my brain still functions.
End of Scene II.

Jorja the pumpkinhead guest - Don's favourite

Scene III: Important Facts
  •  Our doggy guests refuse to sleep on Hound's old bed.
We call it "the ghost bed".
  • A large plastic kennel was deposited outside the house.
  • No one knows where it came from.
  • There is a tinkling of dog chain near the ghost bed 
and no dog there. 
  • End of important facts.

Hound modelling for Ingres

Scene IV: Ill winds blow

The Desmond and Molly barrow is packed for the marketplace.
It's a January scorcher with an ill wind blowing. 
Hot and dry - rubbing the wrong way filling every one's cracks with unease.

I say to Desmond, " There's an ill wind blowing, and my crack is filled with unease."
Desmond says, "I have heat stroke."

Geisha Hound

Market man cant be found because he is in hospital. 
This is a giant hassle. We discover Market dog living in squalor
on the back staircase. Market dog is stinky, gets a big wash and comes home with us.
He makes straight for the ghost bed and plonks down. 
End Scene IV

Our lady of Beloved Hounds

Scene V: Market dog's name turns out to be Bruce.
Corset guy's name was ..... Bruce.
New optometrist's name is Bruce.

Not sure where this ends.

Bruce enjoying not living on a staircase


  1. ... he's one very blessed Bruce. He howled at my heart strings from that miserable staircase too many times. My Blossom and Bruce would never have co-habbed ... you rescuing Bruce has made my day, end of story, Bruce is home ♥♥♥

  2. awww. you are just a big old push over for a stray.
    Hello Bruce. Lucky you.

  3. He looks to be right at home. Hallelujah for him!

  4. I love this post and admire your honesty... I think I could curl a few toes with bedtime stories if I was brave enough.

    Love Bruce - the dog one and he obviously loves you and I figure Baxter gave him the okay to rest on his bed.

    Your post about the 'dog hotel' made my heart sing... such an awesome compassionate thing to do... just brilliant.

    I've thoroughly enjoyed catching up on missed posts here today.
    I like Flora Bowley's work too... but have found that some who do her workshops come away almost exactly reproducing her work, rather than being ispired by her and finding their own way. I guess that's the nature of some workshops.

    Love love the stiched photographs... truly brilliant.

    keep cool x

  5. Baxter was keeping it warm for Bruce, wonderful story. a happy boy with a pink tum.

  6. oh how wonderfully co-incidental... or is it????
    we'll never know

  7. Geez, I loved this post. It made me guffaw. It made me call the Mr in so I could read it to him. It made him guffaw too.

  8. the most perfect post full of healing. i cant stop smiling

  9. oh wow...who knows what scene VI will love love our lady of beloved hounds...and bruce...well one of them anyway...

  10. Is Bruce (the dog) going to stay with you forever or while Marketman is ill?
    I hope you don't bump into Bruce the corset very often or you might have a Freudian slip and say something hilarious

  11. i think u r grrl+dogSSSSSSSS i'm happy for u :) xxxx

  12. is Don making Bruce a corset? :)

    the Best blogpost ever! Baxter is active and alive. I knew it.

  13. Love this story!!! ...grrl you are a brave one to air
    your linen right out there in the blogosphere....and Bruce,
    well.... he is one lucky dog!!!

  14. Coming out of lurkdom here (via Don's blog, where I speak, not lurk)
    to say I love this post!
    I may have never loved a man named Bruce.
    But I could love that dog :)

  15. Love made me laugh til I had tears running down my face (andon this day of windy unease when I've been feeling lousy and sorry for myself). Scene I got me in right away, this has the making of a great screen play ... very Shakespearean he hee.
    How's that Bruce going straight to the Hounds bed. Maybe Baxter led him there, its where he's meant to be. Market Dog, I like that.
    I know if I ever needed my dog to go to a Doggie Hotel it would be yours.
    Hey good luck with the market too, and keep up the playwriting.

    Jacky xox

  16. This is marvellous! Was it meant to be? Is Bruce home to stay? You both look happy :)

    P.S. Those pictures of Baxter are really nice.

  17. Aaaaahhhhh ..... happy day! Grrl you write an entertaining post with such a happy ending. I'm hoping Bruce is there to stay. Baxter was definitely keeping that bed warm for him.

  18. I had a spotty bellied hound dog in my bed this morning too. When I went up for a nap, I could still smell that lovely corn chip doggy smell. I love it.

  19. I enjoyed reading your tale so much the first time I came back for another taste. Smiling from ear to ear. The best story of things coming in threes I've heard in the longest time. I'm thinking that party 11 years ago must have had a theme, Rocky Horror show perhaps, as there's not many times you'd see a man named Bruce in a corset and platforms. I hope Bruce the third has a long and happy life with you and has said adieu to the stairs and the market man for good. xx

  20. I love this post sooooo much! Pictures wonderful, words and thoughts evoked fabulous, and I loved reading the comments. More, please. :-)

  21. 'Twas meant to be! I always say that one should never look for dog. The right dog will find you.

    I am so pleased for you all. That last image is the best!

  22. Wow, Grrl, this is one of your very most amazing posts ever. I love the hound portraits. Here's to weird happy endings all around! love, sus

  23. Daughter, HHnB, steered me over to here as she thought I would like this post and she was right! Our very first dog (1964) was called Baxter, too.
    As to her comment that the right dog will find you, see:

    Well done, you.

  24. yes, just the story I needed for my torn old heart today. A Bruce story. Struth, that for a long time I thought all males in your part of the world were called Bruce. Perhaps I wasn't so wrong. I need to see the Bruce dog in a corset now. I just do.

  25. wowowow...

    i don't think
    i have ever
    even met

    but i could B wrong

  26. Now that's a story or two or threeI must say... spinning a tale is something you do so well grrl!
    Saying so much with so little is truly an art form!

  27. And my mind says, Of course. Each time I read the Ben Okri quote I'm reminded of the true order which lies beneath all this. Courageous, such a post. Baxter's bed awaiting its rightful occupant. Peace to all. xo

  28. I appreciate that you clarified for us that 'this isn't him'. Gave me a great chuckle!

    And I know what you mean about hearing Baxter, I heard my cat for a long time after she passed away. Made me happy to know she was still keeping her eye on me.

    I'm so glad you've found another pup to love.

  29. Oh the mirth you have afforded me! I love your irreverance.


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