Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tiny Guardian giveaway


 We all know art heals. We know that first hand. 
But what do art therapists do?

Would you believe one of my little softies
is now assisting Karen Wallace the famous art therapist?

Tiny Blessed may be tiny, but her heart is big.
Her job is helping children sent to foster care
transition into their new surroundings. 

And you know how tough that is. 
You need lots of trusted allies.

That's where Tiny comes in. 
She sits patiently in one of her many offices,
observing a time to be of service.
She watches each child's body language 
for clues as to their state of being. 
She never pushes,
but is glad to offer cuddles when invited.

Sometimes she may even be told secrets
which she never ever tells. She is reliable,
and does not break her word.

This is her "office".

 This is her other office, 
and she even got to see snow!
is here.

I was touched deeply, as you will be when you read it.
As a child whose innocence was lost early,
I know the value of a safe place.
Had there been people like Karen Wallace when  I was small,
who knows?
My life may have been different.

 Our guardian angels come in all shapes and sizes.
Which leads me to 
the giveaway
Time to give back
the bounty.

No need to do anything,
just leave a comment,
I will draw it next week.

I am making more
as the world needs
many guradian angels right now.

Did you have a special toy
who was your "therapist" when you were small?

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  1. This post has touched my heart. I will be contacting similar agencies in my area to see if they need some special friends. What a wonderful thing to be able to give a child a special friend that can help them transition into a welcoming friendly world. You are doing great things here. Thank you for the inspiration. A small calico cat was a cherished friend to me.


  2. I don't think it is possible to make ENOUGH guardian angels...thanks for doing some- some is better than zero! Love TINY and the story- wet stuff falling out of my eyes....How very lovely for TINY to help...Cheers!
    ls and DEXTER

  3. This is a beautiful post - how lovely your work is doing good things. I had about six toys that I loved equally, and they always listened and cuddled and looked after me.

  4. I've always thought that working with children in the care system must be among the world's most worthwhile wonderful that Blessing is helping young people get through difficult times. I was sorry to read that your start in life was tough...but look how you shine now....

  5. what a moving story; so valuable.
    i myself had an English teddy bear that i literally loved all the fur off. he became hairless, with his sweet glass eyes.

  6. We all need guardian angels - regardless of shape and size ... I'm glad yours are out there doing good things.

  7. beautiful.. I am touched. gave me goose bump actually.. wow. I know they use pets in a similar way. A friend who listens .quietly. with a smile.

    me.. I had Sam. He was a plush chartreuse and violet snake .. longer than me at the time. I wore him around my neck .. funny thing is I find a fuzzy long scarves comforting - as well as fashionable ~:o)

  8. A lovely story that you shared with us. Guardian angels are truly needed and you must feel so good that you have created one that will be helping so many. Peace.

  9. So glad Tiny's helping out in a much needed way. I love your guardian angel. I can see her helping out somewhere around the world too.

  10. Yes, Mosaic magpie said it. My heart is touched by your tiny doing such important work. I had a little terrier, Bootsie, who heard all of my woes. When I went to bed I had a bear named Sakayee who was always there for me. You do such wonderful work!

  11. I love your guardian angel.
    She's made me feel good already and she'll certainly do the same for others.
    I've left my childhood in a safe place and sometimes... not always, it doesn't feel safe to visit it

    love to you and I look forward to seeing more of your angels

  12. My childhood therapist was my much hugged teddy. He had a musical box with a turning key in the middle of his back that stopped working when I was about 9 so I had to "operate" and remove it and sew him back up again. His lullaby was missed at night for the longest time.
    My girls have him now, with the slight dent in his back from his missing organ, but he's still loved and squeezed regardless, and I never became a surgeon but have improved my stitching skills. I love that you sent your wee blessed out into the world and she's doing a wonderful job. We could all do with a guardian angel; she's precious.

  13. I read Karen's post about Tiny a while ago. If I was a child in Karen's office I'd grab Tiny for as many hugs I could sneak in during a visit. Your guardian angel is adorable!

  14. Yes, I did have a dear toy dog therapist named Tempy, who got lost one time but then was found again and cause for great rejoicing. love from sus

  15. Oh yes, I had a purple cow that was much loved - so much that when I left him behind in a hotel room, my father had him fed-exed home to me. Also, a sweet spotted doggie who listened to all my woes. But most of all, the companionship of books into which I poured my heart's words and listened to others.

  16. arent you a generous soul...such beautiful work and ideas...thank you for including us all with your inspiration...cant remember a special toy...but I now try to capture something with creating and sharing...

  17. I love your "tiny" therapist. I can't even remember my childhood toys. The things that gave me the most joy were my fingernails. I have nibbled them now for more years than I care to count. Love your softies. They are truly adorable. And helpful, too, I'll bet!

  18. What a wonderful work Tiny is doing... I think we all need our Guardian Angels... I do talk to mine all the time... I had a special toy when I was little it was my older sisters lambswool teddy that had eyes but had lost his leather, nose thanks to my older brother, so apparently it was a very basic lambswool doll with eyes with no particular shape to say it was a teddy but we all called it our teddy & I did love it so & it shared my secrets but I have no idea where it ended up as when I got older it could not be found...

  19. ps... i wanted to tell you that she is the best lookin' guardian angel i've seen in years x

  20. Wow. Your post gave me goosebumps. Your Tiny is doing such wonderful work.

  21. What a gorgeou gaurdian angel. I dont remember having a special soft animal, or even a doll as a child, but my children and grand children do.

  22. I love the expression of feeling that your work has ... the angel is beautifully quirky and so poignant. I think this is what makes your work so powerful in therapy (speaking as a non-practising art therapist!)let alone in life gernerally.

  23. Hi there!
    I grew up in a big family and we didn´t have much toys...but on the other hand I had two very creative older sisters that "invented" a lot of fun stuff...
    almost out of nothing.
    As a grown up I have a lot of cherished toys!
    Tiny Blessed and the guardian angels are doing a great work!

  24. I would love to be entered!

    littlebearries (at) yahoo (dot) com

  25. Yep, a plasticy stuffed zebra. Jessh I loved that beast. And a dolly that I still have named Rebeccah. Don't include me in your draw as I've already won one of your glorious creations and I want your joy spreading out in beautiful concentric circles.

  26. Tabbitha Willywaddle Caboodle Henry: she was our cat, a found stray kitten, and I still have the scar on my wrist she gave me for trying to shmooze with her before she was ready. She made up for it a thousand times by listening quietly to my woes, though, and she never passed judgement.

    Tiny Blessed is doing good work, as are you, and I commend you both.

  27. Beautiful post- so touching and so important for vulnerable children to have a safe "friend" to talk to.

  28. Beautiful pieces and wonderful intervention. Thank you for sharing!

  29. *You* are an angel! Never doubt it.


  30. i loved the story about Tiny, so very precious. i had, and still have, a lifesize toy cat, which i used to climb up on to get out of my cot, as it had high sides. then i'd reach down and bring her with we'd go!!

  31. I cried rivers of snot into my winnie-the-pooh. I've still got him wrapped in tissue in a trunk upstairs. What a joy to know that your creation is bringing comfort to others!

  32. oooh, I love these tiny guardians! Oddly enough, I didn't have a particular attachment to a softie as a child. But as an adult, I have Small Blue Bear, who watches over things from the window seat in my spiritual room and occasionally goes for a sleepover at my granddaughter's house.

  33. Tiny beauties with a big heart. Love them!

  34. how very very cute - just my style what a creative humble toy!

  35. What a wonderful idea the little guardian angel is.

  36. It's so gratifying when someone uses something you've made for something so important. Congratulations!

  37. Your little guardin angel is Beautiful. And you are the guardin angel to many others. Your kindness is overflowing. Bless you!

  38. beautiful! I am new to your blog. but love your work! My special toy when I was a kid was my "mary" doll that my mom made me for Christmas one year. the

  39. I didn't have angels when I was little... just lots of ugliness. As an adult, I try to be that angel I needed then. I love your work... it's amazing!

  40. Oh my, I had a whole slew of therapists. I would line them up and have conversations all day. They really were alive to me, and I needed them.

  41. Tiny Blessed is doing a big job for someone so small. It sounds as if she's doing it well. My therapists were books. They propelled me into another reality. I adore your guardian angel. It looks as if she can do big things, too.

  42. My Jingly-Dog. A brown, floppy-eared beagle-type with jingle bells in his ears. I loved him. I still have him. I still love him.

  43. WoW, what an amazing story ... and, like other posters, I escaped into books and make-believe. I still do. Some things never change ...

    Thanks for all you do ... you're an inspiration to me!

  44. It was my neighbor, a playmate's mom. Thank you.

  45. This is such a powerful story. I love that art can heal in whatever shape or form it can. Probably it is just the love coming out from the maker.

  46. you doll is so very precious. i had a teddy bear. he is around somewhere. he is flattened down from his life in my sleeping arms.

  47. Love your stuff! So cute. Thanks,

  48. You have a good soul and a lovely heart keep up the good work the world needs loads more people like you.

    Hugs Eliza

  49. I was about to say "no" when I realised I DO have a guardian though not a tiny one. It's my bolster! And I still have it (though it's a different incarnation of course - maybe number 5 ;)

  50. Beautiful ... Tiny Blessed is so sweet♥
    No such thing in my childhood. The beltings, the whacking sticks that were broken across our backs and legs, the humiliation plus the cane at school was how kids were brought up in those days ... I'm blessed to have survived and broken the mould!! Your Guardian Angel is like you, a treasure♥

  51. I like that the healing "Tiny" is placed next to a Buddha.. double healing I think. Art and love and acceptance are all healing.. and a beautiful story too.

  52. You have inspired me - I have to get back to work on my kids' quilts for homeless kids. this guardian would help remind me.

  53. An interesting job, guardian, the way in which we can change roles, as life dictates. I loved seeing Tiny's office, her introduction to snow, and knowing how she will find a unique way in which to reach each child. The ripples from your pond do have a long reach. xo

  54. I had "Mr Jingles" a kinda queer looking yellow elephant with red inside his ears! He was stuffed with that funny straw stuff and given to me by a kind lady in a secondhand store. I loved him to death. Literally. After his demise I had to settle for my two imaginary wolf-on-two-legs- friends - Captain Peacock and Pollyunsaturated - who says advertising doesn't work - this was the early 70's and margarine was just becoming popular .... Little Blessed is delightful - how heartwarming for you to know the comfort she will afford ...

  55. I think that it is awesome that guardian angel has pea-esque looking buttons for boobs!

  56. oh my
    so much Good Stuff over here
    i wish i waz U!

    {{{just swooooning over your banner
    makes me think
    if i was not Christmas Crafting
    this moment

    i would wanna

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  57. yes. my Pebbles doll.
    But then I needed four other therapists when I grew up. I couldn't find Pebbles.

    This is the sweetest. I love that dollhouse photo!

  58. The Guardian is just ... AMAZING! I'm in love :)

    Happy New Year!!!


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