Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tiny Stitched Houses to Wear

 No scrap of fabric is ever small enough to throw away, I keep even the tiniest bits.

And vintage patchwork quilts ask to be unpicked so their faded feedsack selves can re incarnate.

out pop tiny houses. They are brooches - pins.

Inspired by joyous days and nights listening to Tim Winton's
Cloudstreet on audiobook.

The story of a house, dusty and magical, standing between
the planes of the seen and unseen, and the lives it affects.

With a battered school case full, I am off to the markets.

Eveleigh Artisan Markets to be exact. The application was long, the competition fearsome, and the wait gruelling.

Like Sam Pickles in Cloudststreet, who lives by "the shifty shadow " of luck, I woke with a knowing in my bones on the day they called to accept me.

Previous failed projects and applications fade into the past now, and
my cloud has a silver lining.


  1. oh Denise I hope you had a wonderful and successful day. I have been knitting bows like Orbit's wearing to wear as brooches and Scarf Pins. Successfully yarnbombed the new installation at Federation Sq. in Melb, check my Yarn blog♥

  2. Hey Denise, congrats on the market, hope you sell heaps and those little house brooches are just too cute. Love the little 'display case' case, hehe..

    Wish I was closer so I could pop by the market and see all the lovely handmade goodness.

    Claire :}

  3. Cute houses Denise.... you are so clever. Hope you had a good day at the markets.

  4. Congratulations on acceptance in the Market, Denise!!! Your tiny houses are marvelously magical. Bet you have lots of sales.

  5. What fabulous brooches Denise, such gorgeous houses, it must be the season, I've been making lollipop tree, felted brooches for our exhibition.

  6. Good luck on the market!
    I have such a soft spot for fabric houses. My left over scraps are used to make leaves these days.

  7. My first visit (i think) and how marvellous to be accepted into Everleigh, congrats. Your little houses are wonderful, i'll be back to see what else you get up to. Hope you did well there.

  8. The elfin village in the old suitcase...I will look further into CLOUDSTREET. Your previous post, the "boro" links, have not left my mind. Now seeing you turn vintage scraps into wee houses and be accepted for the Market...I just want to hop about with silly joy. xo

  9. Well done you. Hi ho hi ho it's off to the market you go.

    Do do do do ( sung to scary movie music ) I bought the audio book cloudstreet recently an d have been listening on the long trips to see Ben.

  10. I have long held a soft spot for Sam Pickles with all his faults and quintessential Aussie-ness. I'm sure markets are ruled by the shifty shadow. May the sun shine brightly upon that crafted neighbourhood of yours.

  11. I love how you displayed the houses in such charming old suitcase...they are so cute!

  12. So cute! I love how they look like a little neighborhood all together. :)
    - Michele

  13. Adore your viillage of houses in the box. And your movie clip gave me goosebumps. Wish it were on tv here. Will look into book.

  14. You give hoarding a good name. Such beautiful creations. I also like seeing the houses together, in a little community of wonder.

    Congratulations on being selected! I hope the festival is amazing.

  15. oh oh oh what a loverly little village
    have stitched up!

    i quite fancy
    re incarnated things,
    don't you?

    {{ i may be one,
    but am uncertain }}

  16. Your little houses are beautiful, and I love the way you've displayed them in the case. Congratulations on the market, hope you really enjoy playing there, it's so good to see these signs of progress and recognition.

  17. I love little houses. Houses are the best. Yours are sweet.

  18. sometimes 'small' can be just as wonderful as 'large'

  19. Oh I do hope they enjoy the market- your houses are adorable- wouldn't mind living in one - so happy!

  20. Wooooo Hooooooo! Well done you! Haven't been on blogs for such a long time and what do I see??? Steph here-aka Ms Textual-reincarnated to The Mad Magpie in the Nest.
    LOVE your little house on the dress theme. Works so well.
    Bestest of luck - my one and only city visit to Eveleigh craft markets was a wondrously magical event and your presence will make it more so. Rug up!

  21. Every scrap has it's use! I hope you had a grand day at the market. I look forward to hearing about your experiences.


  22. Im in love with Orbit... the name to!
    Little houses have an archetypal pull... they have a magic about them I reckon... go well... hope they find big houses to go to!

  23. Oh my, these are just delightful. I love the cream school case that you are displaying them in too.

  24. All the best! Well done! Love those little houses! Stellar sellers!! Go, go, go!

  25. These are really adorable! Hope you killed it at the market!


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