Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You can help

WWI poster altered by Miska graphics.
This chick spins a mean record and does great Elvis impersonations.

Be part of Australia's biggest pole cosy
guerilla knit in the National Gallery.

With the help of you, we can make this possible.
If you knit, crochet or shake your poms poms, you can contribute
to an installation at the National Gallery of Australia.

Be audacious and have your art alongside such names as Magda Sayeg
of Knitta Please. Think of that on your resume!
There are six poles to cover and each is
10 meters high, that's over thirty feet.

How many stitches do I cast on?
Each pole measures 140 cms or 55 inches in circumference. That means your piece has to be that long to fit around the pole. Remember it will stretch, so you will get the feel when you begin to cast on. Don't worry if it's too short or too long, I can make those fine tuning things on site. And cast on as many stitches as you like, but no higher than 20 cms or 8 inches.

How high do I make it?
Up to 20cms or 8 inches. Your knit will be like a scarf that wraps around the pole. Dont forget about tension and stretch.

What sort of yarn?

Anything your darling heart wishes. Use recycled plastic bags, ribbon, string, used dental floss... the opportunities are endless.

What color?
This is your chance to have a piece showcased in the biggest gallery in Australia. Go for broke. Bright colors work very well.

You want it when??
Any time from now till July 1st. Factor in about 10 days in the post if you are in the US.

What's in it for me?

No good deed goes unpunished, and if you email me to commit and send me your knit before July 1st, you get a special commemorative hand made one of a kind knit bling lovingly hand made by me...Did I mention hand made?

I love a bribe, OK, I'm in. Where do I send it?
Email me and I will send you my addy. Don't forget to include your address for the bling.

I can't knit or crochet but I want some knit bling
I hear you! Not for sale yet, you will have to knit something to get one, however I will be opening an etsy store soon, so stand by.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. *screams* not the tampon! Not the tampon!

  3. is a felt dread ok too???If yes I'll post it thursday.

  4. I'm in. How can I NOT do this?!! - Jeanne in Oregon (10 days in the post? All right!)

  5. I just love this post! you are one can do gal! go forth knitters! Mx

  6. I'm in plan drawn up might be a bit ambitious but hey I'm game! I emailed you.

  7. wow grrl, this is a fantastic idea...wish i could participate, but crocheting is about it and i am limited even with this skill...but i will be watching and pulled into what happens here...i saw one time on some blog a lady had knitted a woman having a baby doll..it was most fascinating...i could not believe, and still can't believe the levels knitting has reached...so creative...i'm hooked

  8. oh my goodness!tthis is brilliant i'd love to join in...are you worried about knitting that might not be perfect? because my knitting tends to end up a bit wobbly(...i think its because i do it on the train)

  9. Oh Wow, Count me in! What an awsome opportunity to create something really special!

  10. I may be tempted to dust off the old knitting needles Grrl...I'll go find them and have a practice I think! (Iknow it's sad for me, isn't it)

  11. Count me in (although I think I said that last post). Will make a start this weekend...have my basket of wools at the ready.

    Jacky xox

  12. oh goodness,
    just when i thought i could have a month of relaxation from art-related endeavors this opprotunity had to come along.

    but i simply must participate.
    i'll begin crocheting immediately! : D

  13. Sounds awesome! I'd love to be part of it....can I include found things in my knitting creation, like shells? Cheers to the click clack sound!!

  14. Great project, though knitting is not my long sleeve... - and your bling are highly enjoyable.
    PS.: Thanks for leaving me a comment on stick no. 2...

  15. This is great! I would love to be part of it....maybe I will spin something up.....and that BLING!

  16. You've totally and completely made my day ... I CAN crochet, so last night I started and have a (really long) inch worm ... :)

    Will send as soon as I get to the (almost) eight inch mark.

  17. I have knitting needles...I have ideas....I would LOVE to be part of this....

  18. Ooooohh. I can knit. Can I help? Please please please. I don't know how to email you =[

  19. Ok, you had better count me in too...I mean you HAVE to have some stitches from NY too right?

  20. hey grrl - is it me or have those dimensions changed? I've been telling everyone it's 114cms???

    Anyway - pls send me ur address because I've got a few people roped in (gettit? 'roped' in - heehee)

  21. I'll be sending you some crochet from North Kacalacky....Ummmm....Carolina...
    I am so excited that you are making this all come together. Can't wait to see the finished piece. And I am so happy to be a part of it.

  22. Oh, what a wonderful project! I am really looking forward to hearing more about it as it unfolds ...

  23. I've had such fun knitting while I have been away for a few days but I have kind of exceeded the 8 inches. I hadn't read your post before I left so I have been heading for greater 'heights'. Can I keep going????

  24. Hi I'm a follower fo your blog, British but living in Sweden can I send a scarf for the project. Sorry for delay I was on holiday. I tired to link your e mail but could not.
    My e mail is alison.friday@gmail.com

  25. This is going to be so incredible. How exciting for you.

    Love Renee xoxo

  26. Hi Denise, I am also in, will start knitting this weekend, what a great idea.

  27. Oh, I'd love to be part of this! I'll start tonight.
    Knitty Graffity

  28. what a fun I idea is there still room for me I'd love to take part - Renate

  29. how can I live in Canberra and not do this?? I am in - I hope.

  30. Awesome! Count me in :)

    Jess :)

  31. Yey. I want to join!

    Mia (minspiration.blogpot.com and busycrochet.blogspot.com) tipped and challenged me.

  32. I would love to do this. Does the 8" have to be the length, or can you knit a long thing 8" wide".

    Now to go find your email address.

  33. Ok, I've started knitting after 30 odd years. But it did take me 35 minutes to cast on 70 stitches and knit one row ! So now I'm picking up others cast off half done projects and working on them, I'm hoping size won't matter too much - I'm sure you could cut n paste.

  34. Hey Grrl!
    Lost your email with your addy in it.
    Can you resend the addy so I can ship you your crochet.
    I am so excited!

  35. right on grrl! 2 things.. whose scaling those poles? AND.. i got YARN.. lots of yarn i'd be willing to donate to any knitstars who need more yarn for this project. it's not handspun, but it's still very funky & texture-full & novelty-esque in style & free for this cause. email me: wooldancer at wooldancer dot com with knitta as heading. go knitstars!

  36. count me in! ... actually I thought I had already left a comment here (a few weeks ago) but I can't see it (either I put it on the wrong post, or it was one of the things I was in the middle of when the computer froze/went silly - poor old thing has been doing that a lot lately)
    ... anyway ... I have been working on my thingy over the last week or 3 (I have even been doing that today actually - just put it down and came in here now to check the size it has to be so I don't make it too long ;-)
    When it is finished I will probably drop it off to the NGA in person (I will be going past that way at least one afternooon this week).
    btw, if the offer of bling is still valid - I can collect mine in person when you are down here, if you like (to save you postage) because I intend to come to the talk/etc this weekend and probably will drop in to (or even hang around at) the gallery while you are hanging stuff up on Monday/Tuesday too.
    (but I will still put my snai mail addy with my thing just in case)


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