Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blog detox in Orange

In Orange, 300 kms west of Sydney over the Blue Mountains,
purple is the new black.
At least that is what 500 fibre and textile loving people
who gathered for the Textile Forum think.

They love purple. That was the theme
and it was embraced with gusto. Never seen so much purple in
Orange and so many funky textile creations.
The hats!

I joined export knitters Jenny Dowde and Lynne Johnson for a week
of yarn and loopy fun. They had stash.
So much yarn with textures of all kinds
and the trade shows had me spinning.

An intense week of skill based exercises brought my knitting
up several grades, but the guerilla remained. The forum is based
in a chic private school estate with lawns tightly manicured
and senses of humor to match.

This little statue is given to the lucky "teacher of the week" and
resides with reverence in their brand new state of the art staff room.
Teachers eyed us suspiciously as we invaded their space,
and the beanie on this guy lasted about two hours
before a complaint was lodged.
It may be a personal record.

Orange may have been purple that week, but what it didn't have
was Internet connection. It was cold turkey. No internet. No blog.
I was forced to be present and accounted for in real time.
Luckily there were many laughs over champagne cocktails at five,
after a frenzy of yarn purchasing and tiny beanie making.

A tree got dressed, with other adornments appearing
in woolly friendship, more cocktails were
had and I got to see crab apples.

ooh! Something just arrived in the mail
It's a funky stencilled box from the US.
Help me unwrap it.

A parcel wrapped with knit

Gorgeous paper and card...

It's from Ms. Luggage!
A hand made journal with juicy soaky heavy paper
and bound by her!
Quick lets grab our stuff because she has just announced
her online class, Layer love. Go see.

"I believe that we are put here in human form
to decipher
the hieroglyphs of love & suffering.
There is no degree of love or intensity of feeling
that does not bring with it the possibility of a crippling hurt,
but it is a duty to take that risk & love without reserve or defense."
— allen ginsberg


  1. Sounds like Orange didn't know what hit it...lucky you didn't get sent to detention! The statue looks much improved...and the tree so festive...and I love watchin people open their presents!

  2. How lucky Orange and your fellow knitters were to have a guerilla in their midst (isn't that a movie ? Your adventures could have been from the sounds of it!). Love the beanie on the statue - big improvement.

    How sweet to have gotten a package full of love from Mrs.Luggage herself ! Anything Julified is always a treat.

    That quote worked so very, very perfectly for me today...thanks for that !
    Welcome home

  3. "lawns tightly manicured
    and senses of humor to match" – thank goodness you were there! The knitting might have gotten way too tight!

  4. I amazaed at how fast you can desire to wrap your journal with a knit ribbon delayed shipment 2 days. LOL Slow as a snail...what a fabulous retreat!! xoxo

  5. i am here
    in orange
    with purple,
    the new black.



    isn't it fun to get loverly things
    in the mail!

    {{ my posting is about
    wonderful treasures
    coming in the mail, too }}

    if i could pop in
    for a knitting lesson
    i would want to learn
    the chicken~jumper~pattern
    straight away!

    i so love how people
    are generally so kind
    in nature...

    {{ please
    do not tell me otherwise }}

  6. The Ginsberg quote reminds of the Dylan Thomas line from "In my Craft or sullen Art" about

    ...the lovers, their arms
    Round the griefs of the ages.

    Every time I see a photo of you I think what a great Peter Pan you would make...traditionally Peter Pan was played by a woman.

    A particularly good-looking knit up, partly the color choices and partly the way it accommodates itself to that graceful branch. And reminds me I've yet to replace my original!

    Zero de Conduit. Or you could rent "If" which I believe holds up pretty well...

  7. ooooooooHHHHHHH thank you for taking me with you!!!
    what a great time
    and a package too!
    i will need to go check out her site


    you got a tree dressed!!!!

    goodness you were busy!

  8. WOW! I love the colors...and what a dress up on the tree...incredible!

  9. I always wonder what new adventure you will share with us... what a treat this experience is to read about today! Your have such exuberance... Roxanne

  10. such joyful expression (and expressions!). thank you for taking us with you & sharing the goody-goodness of that treasure parcel.

  11. Oh, all that yarn in the first photo looks so yummy! But how do you get the tree sweater on the tree??

  12. Scrummy yarns... you really are honing your skills Grrl. I'm sure your presence at the textile forum was a breath of fresh air...any new guerrila knitters????

  13. I love that you knit a tree up while there, give them a sample of the free wheeling knitting that goes on beyond the manicured hedge. You were, it is certain, a breath of newness in that gathering our purple zeal - sometimes you must be a messenger even when you think you are just being a new learning follower - welcome back!

  14. Orange and purple were my school colours. Just sayin...
    I read your blog often and so enjoy it! But no internet..? Yeah, that can be a gruesome prospect unless you have champagne cocktails... smirk! You go, grrl!

    Love the ginsberg quote.
    From the Classic City, Candace

  15. Sounds like a fun time! I love the first photo of all the stash yarn - bliss!

  16. love the oxymoron of being purple in orange! and who is the most amazing in the photo?!!! - oh, that would be Grrl with some incredible knit thingy around her neck and I guess the person next to you would be a close second! I bet you rocked this group!

  17. That tree is looking pretty good in her frilly jumper!

  18. Chickens
    working with other artful women
    the world covered in beautiful textured yarn
    birthday celebrations

    It's amazing what you miss when you don't go blog visiting.
    Your life is good.

  19. Love the photo of the class you're certainly the shining light. The yarns look delicious as Kaffe Fasset would say. Glad to see you left your mark on at least one tree.

  20. Orange and purple are a wonderful combination. I love the colorful yarns. My Artistic ADD just snapped my head back to knitting. Whew. I'm dizzy.

    Nice post.

  21. This is my first visit to your blog.
    The image of the bust wearing a knitted hat is so delightful. Now the posting ends with a poem by ginsberg....what's not to like?


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